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  1. DreamBliss VS Belief

    Hey you, long time no see. Hope all is well!
  2. DreamBliss VS Belief

    So in choosing to be free you have let go of all your beliefs? If so, there are no beliefs to challenge. Perhaps I am not getting what the challenge is?
  3. The After Death Question

    Perhaps you are not understanding what I am pointing to, I don't know? Emotions are indeed important and neither good or bad. I am not claiming ways to provide ways to lessen their impact. That would not be useful. In any case it is impossible to do depending on the situation that evokes the emotion. . Besides, when they arise they are useful indicators of how we respond to our world and everything in it, giving us great insights into the nature of our beingness. Not only are they to move us, but they themselves are moving and moving we should let them. Let them flow in, through and out. The reason we often do not let them flow is because we cling to the feeling be they positive or negative. We do not lose the lesson if any by letting them flow. We are however, denying ourselves the newness of life. The infinite potential for new experiences. Nature is a good example. Does nature repeat its patterns? Is every winter the same? Is every summer the same? No two days have exactly the same weather. No tree in the forest keeps the same leaves forever? Nature lets go and doesn't cling.
  4. The After Death Question

    Yes of course it is great. How would one know however whether one is denying oneself a different positive emotion that has more power to it (or maybe not) if you will if you are still carrying around old positive emotions. What I am pointing to is the newness of the present moment like experiencing as if you were experiencing it for the ver first time. Like that of a new born babe.
  5. Spiritual Embryo

    Not so much teaming no, perhaps it is better described as revealing or unfolding into the greater whole of what we are part of. The spiritual embryo seems to represent our awareness level. By transitioning I mean dying. Death is a funny word it's meanings vary from person to person so I use transitioning sometimes.
  6. Is visualization important?

    Agree one should find one that suits them.
  7. Spiritual Embryo

    If it had a personality of its own I doubt that it would be separate from ones own except in that it may have access to more that ones own personality might not be able to have access to. I thought that was the point of the Alchemists who chose the greater path? From memory it is not born till we have transitioned?
  8. The After Death Question

    I wasn't implying emotions are bad. Is that how you understood what I said to mean? If so, perhaps this might help clarify. When we experience grief, the emotion of grief exists in the moment one experiences loss. This emotion will eventually subside over time. When we experience a new loss in the present, if we have not let go of the initial experience of grief, we are in the present experiencing old emotions mixed with new emotion. If we have let go of the emotional attachment to the loss of the past. The grief of the present loss has less impact because of the lessons learned from truly letting go of the first experience. We are then free to gain more insights into the true nature of our emotion untainted as we did with the first experience.
  9. Unhelpful judgment, or a taste of the truth?

    Yes agree. Very wise.
  10. Unhelpful judgment, or a taste of the truth?

    Second guessing is probably more the description. What is valid and what is not depends on the help you get. Only you will know and don't worry. We succeed more often than we fail at solving whatever dilemmas we find ourselves in. With help it is like a buffet. Take what works and disregard the rest. Perhaps the next serving something else will work. You are the magic bullet.
  11. The After Death Question

    I figured that, that is what you were trying to convey from the energy in your posts. Who is ever comfortable with that giving oneself credit? We are sometimes our own worst enemies. Not always and thats the good thing about cycles.
  12. Unhelpful judgment, or a taste of the truth?

    Taking responsibility does not mean you have to go it alone or try to fix it yourself. How can one take full responsibility for something too that might have unconsciously been caused. Suffering can be a learned way of being and unlearning can be a journey in itself to which we all need help with more often that not. Never think you ever have to go it alone. Obviously the quieter voice won over because you didn't delete the post. Not delusional. It always helps to question which voice is speaking at the time of perceiving. Good on you for listening to the voice you didn't quite hear it seems.
  13. The After Death Question

    Oh for sure it is useful at the time. What is not so useful is using past experience to experience present experience. Our past experience is already locked in. We are denying ourselves the beauty and wonder of new ways of perceiving what is. If we want to repeat our patterns of the past that is ok to dwell if one chooses. Of course we will learn something new every time the pattern recurs because that is the nature of the Tao. If we want new experiences we need to let go. Clinging to the past keeps us anchored in the patterns of those experiences and our progress if thats what you call it can be one very long journey. If we like the scenery on the journey, okay.
  14. The After Death Question

    Giving thought to the future is fine providing it is done within the present moment they must however be let go once the decision is made. The secret that is advertised tries to nail this very point. There is no separation. Now contains the future, past and present. As sentient beings feelings are paramount. If our feelings are old feelings they will persist. If they are feelings that arise because they have not been let go, provided we let them flow which is the natural movement of feelings we will have new feelings in the present which shape our future. Which is here and now. If we keep old feelings same patterns of the past might persist. Depends. I know no one who has grasped a lot of what they already know myself included. From your posts however it is probably more than you credit yourself with.
  15. The After Death Question

    In nothing there is everything. There are no mistakes. Memories are wonderful when viewed from the presence of now and contemplation of the beauty of nature and everything that exists is an awe to behold a wonder to revel in. We just don't have emotional attachments. These are our anchors. Useful at the time of experiencing and at the time of creating. Not useful when revisiting.