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  1. Assertiveness

    I am currently exploring/working on this as a cause of my internal anger, which comes out unskillfully and destroys me inside. I see it in the way my mother babysits my nephews. If they cry, diversion tactics (generally food). When they get mad, "Oh you're just being cranky." Nothing is explored to any depth other than subversion. I believe the source is what, from a dialectic therapy standpoint, is called an "invalidating environment". I have had luck with questioning those who raise "invalidating" remarks upon speaking to them. "What makes you say that?" or "Why would you believe that?" is what I say w/o any inflections. It helps them see how they have nothing to stand on, just like me.
  2. The Enlightened Sage

    dissolution of the karmic footprint the unenlightened body/mind placed in its journey up to this point (in samsara) AND the cessation of dependent arising (nirvana) "why (samsara) me (nirvana)?," the sage asked when brought to question himself if he should teach the discipline to the ill world.
  3. give me a cookie

    Knowing the color of a sight not yet seen - When asked to discern, his heart can only radiate. greetings from a cryptic 6am seeker