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  1. traditional Chinese instruments?

    I play erhu...and it's a fun instrument. I have played violin for a few years, so learning the erhu was not too hard by any stretch. I hate the way the notes are taught though, I am so used to western note systems that the numbers and stuff...it's just too confusing. I guess it is easier for a newcomer though... The thing about the erhu...it is limited in its vocal capabilities, kinda like a harmonica only has so many notes. The violin, for example, or the piano has, in comparison, an infinite scope of notes. However, where this instrument shines is its ability to express emotion. All instruments have that ability when played correctly, but nothing really brings you back like the erhu, I love its sound and it is quite unique. Learning the notes doesn't take that long, neither does pure technique, but expressing yourself...ay there's the rub But if you have any questions, i'll be sure to answer... brian also...probably the most important instrument to the chinese is the gu qing. If you saw Kung Fu Hustle, the music assassins in the movie? One of them plays this instrument sitting down and plucks strings? Yah thats a gu qing. Or in Jet Li's Hero? When the guy with the spear...Sky? fights Jet li? And the old guy is playing that instrument? Yup thats it. It was considered to be one of the three traits of a noble. Play the gu qing, calligraphy, and poetry I believe. Its a very VERY rare instrument though...so gluck on finding a teacher rofl! brian
  2. Question About Dr. Lin's Cd

    i cant seem to find this "Diesebooks" place online... So i should get the yogani books not for the MO's but just for enlightenment in general? cool so will Deida's book really help me acheive them? Thanks! Brian
  3. Question About Dr. Lin's Cd

    "http://www.bluetruth.org/products/the_enlightened_sex_manual/8/1" is this it? If so, it seems more like a book about having more intimate sex than MO's, but still it looks interesting and i looked at the advanced yoga practices website, and it looks like its really well received on amazon, i was thinking about maybe getting the spinal breathing book? since that most coincides with my goal? Thanks for your input! its really appreciated! Brian
  4. Hello all! um as i've stated in my intro...i kno close to nothing about tao (can it also be called dao?) The closest thing to meditation i've tried is times after taekwondo class when my teacher would sit the class down and tell us to "put our mind between our eyes" and then put our minds on ur tongue or something....and it made no sense to me then, and it makes jus as much sense now My goal is to attain multiple orgasms, and i dislike the idea of clamping it down with the bc muscles, which seem kinda like doing violence to ur body. However, atleast thoes methods are simplistic and easier to understand, I was trying to read Trunk's explanation of Lin's website, and i am befuddled. so it all comes down to this, given my current knowledge, would I be able to comprehend dr. lin's cds? or should i get some precursor reading before delving in the unknown? Any help is appreciated! Brian
  5. New Here

    hello every1...new to this forum, and to tao in general Any ideas on how to start? Brian