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  1. Hey just saw what you wrote on my page. Yea if you have any questions or wanna talk about stuff or anything just message me. I'll continue to talk about it on the forums and stuff.

  2. I liked what you had to say about your new-found theory I'd love to hear more about it

    so that I to talk of do someone who understands what you are saying love to hear from you, all the best on the journey woofy

  3. I think I just experienced enlightenment

    I do understand what you're saying, but if you believe enlightenment is only a divine state and nothing else can exist, your only quantifying your understanding of enlightenment from some teaching or from someone who is only looking at one aspect of it you found one part don't close your eyes now regardless people think you're starting to understand? You may say it's like looking at only one side of the coin you think you see all there is to see , and know about the coin not until you turn the coin over then you see either new side, something new is there that previously you thought didn't exist?
  4. I think I just experienced enlightenment

    truth is that is no true truth there is the essence of truth so if you get caught up in quantifying what is the truth? You become like a dog chasing its tail? So what is Enlightenment freedom from delusional mind and suffering? So if you not seeking quantifiable so-called truth that you label, it frees your mind from judgement question in quantifying
  5. I think I just experienced enlightenment

    That is so wonderful to hear because people get caught up in the teaching and can't go past that point is not until you come to the understanding that all states of mind and beliefs are delusional so holding onto concepts and ideas you don't allow yourself to be free, because when you realise it was all allusion and is no difference between a state of Zen and consciousness, and to separate the two being in a is state of Zen or be in a state of deluded mind, thinking the when you learn to be in a state were both these can exists is where the real fun begins, and is no need to meditate to be in Zen and leave it to become conscious thinking if you practice these two separately, and make these things two separate mine states and that's all you have is to separate state of mind so to be in a state of conscious Zen allows you to never lose what you found, then this allows you to use what you've learnt in every moment, and have fun with it, because there is many things you can do with clarity of mind and non-delusional connectivity with thought or so-called reality. This may sound strange if you have yet experienced what I'm saying, that it exists and is so simple once you know and allow yourself to be free from the allusion of mind and the minds concept of reality, because seriously you're on the right path been there done that and master that are ready to go next level, believe me or not learn for yourself? Because when you learn the first part the essence of truth then it frees you to go to the next step that I'm talking about? PS there is a teaching call the essence of truth the matrix that teaches and shows how to do this. All the best on your new-found awakening woofy
  6. Single Best Self-Help Video I Ever Seen!

    Thanks for putting this video link out there I'll never seen it before I been doing research and development on this subject for 25 years and I am about to release my research and mind program next year so it is good to hear that others are coming close to this is as they say a in video what you believe manifests as true. If anybody has more on the subject not the healing side but the mind side of it I'd love to hear your opinion all the links you have, woofy
  7. The Enlightened Sage

    I like this posting very much is finally good to see that people are questioning the so-called masters or the so-called truth and not excepting that teachings hold the answers? I find this to interesting because I came to my understanding of mind state and the connection to reality a very different way it was not the spiritual path in the beginning, but the path of observation with the non-attachment and on non-judgement and without the contamination preconceived and believed teachings concepts and expectations, is only now I understand the complexity diversity and the essence my lessons thus so far I have allowed myself to look at what people are using seeking for the understanding of their search? Because if you believe you have found the thing you looking for and are teaching or religious beliefs that suits you, that's all good and wonderful, but if you truly seek the truth I mean the essence of what these teachings and teaches have found? Because as I've seen in my journey people teaches have truly found something that only a part and then hang on to that part as a divine truth cultivated quantified, then become stuck in it as a divine truth? So what I'm saying is if you become stuck in belief practice an idea on hold this to be the divine truth you become trapped and unable to be go beyond your beliefs or the beliefs of the teachings or religion, so thus remain trapped in idealisation and are able to think outside of the proverbial box because you're beliefs and the limitations doesn't allow for growth thus trapped in the belief in what you have found to be the complete truth, so sometimes teachings are away to understand your path your journey and sometimes they will keep you from your journey because until you learn to stop quantifying judging and labelling what you seek? You may become trapped in your interpretation or someone's else's interpretation .
  8. Just like to say hello

    Thanks for the links my partner has just come back from Nepal and brought back a lot lovely spiritual things for me, she was doing health camps that we funded with Tibetan children, lepers, only people etc.
  9. Just like to say hello

    I just want to say hello I'm new to this forum and come across it by accident, but then again there are no accidents all right and wrong only what is,
  10. I just like to say hello to everybody and introduce myself