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  1. Reiki Tummo

    The following is some additional information on Reiki Tummo that I posted a number of months ago on the AYPForum in response to some particular questions from a gentleman there. I am posting it here also to include in the overall discussion this particular Tao Bums topic has touched upon for any who might be interested. Love and Light, Stevejon I do not look at Usui reiki and Reiki Tummo in terms of inferior or superior so I will not compare from that viewpoint. If that is what you want please write Irman directly. It is his book. For me, everything has its place and offers its benefits. Many have benefitted from Usui reiki. To a large extent the derived benefit from Usui or any teaching depends on the attitude-readiness of the student, the quality-mastery of the teacher and from whence the teaching-attunement-etc. originates. From his perspective, Irman clearly, describes the difference in the attunements in his book which you have so there is no need to repeat that here. Several years ago when I gave some intro lectures, I would occasionally demonstrate the difference experientially by first channelling Usui, then earth energy by itself, then blending the two together Usui + earth energy, then Reiki Tummo I. This incremental change allowed the folks that were kinisthetically sensitive to track the differences as Reiki Tummo I in a sense is a combination of [usui + the connnection to the core of the earth + a special connection to the heart]. When I asked the folks, if they felt any difference between [usui + the earth] and Reiki Tummo I, the majority said yes. When I asked if they could describe the difference, the most common word was 'happy'. 'Happy' comes from the heart connection. I would then channel Reiki Tummo II, Reiki Tummo IIIA and Shing Chi 8 so they could get a sense of the difference in effect of each subsequent attunement in terms of energy, kundalini flow, chakra opening etc. I would finally demonstrate the difference that smiling, relaxing and surrendering had on the energy channelling and a little bit on the difference between being a healer vs an instrument. I do not do this kind of demonstration anymore. After a person finishes Reiki Tummo II and has had two days to begin feeling and working with their heart, they are now encouraged to do their own experiment and channel any other energies they work with toward their heart then Reiki Tummo. Most energies are healing and will have an effect on the heart chakra, but it is only the Love that directly affects the spiritual Heart within the heart chakra directly strengthening the love-connection with Divine Source. For me the most important part of the Reiki Tummo attunement, is the establishment of the love-connection not the kundalini awakening. My kundalini was activated before I took my first reiki tummo workshop. Many years earlier I had received shaktipat from the Siddha Yoga lineage and years later from the Maha Kundalini Yoga tradition. I repeated the reiki tummo workshops to gain a deeper understanding and practice of the workshop materials and to help support the new people attending. At that time, I was a coordinator helping to organize the workshops. An added benefit is that each attunement is perfectly adjusted by the Love of Divine Source for one's condition at the time of receiving so it was also quite enjoyable to receive the attunement again. Mostly, I repeated because it was fun to be with the new participants. Because powers of the chakras and third eye sight are not indicators of enlightenment. In the book, many folks have commented and reflected on the added joy, peace and happiness that is beginning to fill their lives as they continue to work with reiki tummo and their heart. If you want to obtain the powers associated with the chakras and be able to see at will into any of the energy dimensions, meet and interact with angels and other beings that is not the direction or goal of Padmacahaya. However, if you want to activate and awaken your inner heart, the core of your atman as a means of establishing a direct communication between you, the Divine Source and the Love. To proceed further by allowing the Inner Heart to become the complete and full director of your life and become more able to fully embrace and accept the Love and Will of the creator then Padmacahaya may be of interest. As one continues to let the Love work there is a sweetness, a softness, a gentleness that emerges from within one's inner being slowly effusing outward striking up a sympathetic resonance with everything around. The inner silence becomes alive, the delight of being is awakened and a real sharing with others begins. Not what you are looking for. There are two Yahoo groups, one for the public and one for others who just took the beginning Reiki Tummo workshops to ask followup questions. However, I believe what you are asking is there a Reiki Tummo forum where the more advanced practitioners who have attended the retreats share their experiences. Not a public one. We have several private chat rooms in Padmacahaya for advanced practitioners. When Irman is not travelling and teaching, he comes online to continue teaching and guiding the alumni. This is free and is open to anyone who has attended the Inner Heart and Spiritual Retreat. These two workshops actually comprise a 3-day retreat Fri-Sun with Irman that is available to everyone completing entry level workshops (RT1, RT2, RT3A, Kundalini and Meditation). My hands are tied on this question because I have taken a pledge not to speak about certain things regarding individual experiences or the upper level retreats in public. To keep it simple. I am NOT enlightened. I am NOT a master of anything. My knowledge, understanding and realization are still very limited. I am NOT a healer. I do NOT at will see into the various energy dimensions nor do beings of small or big importance in the spiritiual hierarchy drop by to pay me regular visits. To be perfectly honest, I feel blessed when any of my friends just call me on the telephone to say hi. I am not sure what your definition of full-blown kundalini is. As one approaches Divine Source and becomes more and more part of the Love, the sushumna and chakras will expand to the size of existence. The nature, quality, magnitude and interaction of the kundalini flow, ecstatic conductivity and bliss also change. So is my kundalini full-blown, well that's an easy one NO. Woke up this morning, sushumna's still not the size of existence. What I am experiencing is an ever-deepening state of inner silence, peace, ecstatic conductivity, joy and happiness that unfolds day by day. There is improved health, gratitude and longing and most importantly the Love along with a better understanding and living of life's purpose. Does it sometimes get overshadowed by extreme events ... yes. I am also enjoying the guidance and direction of the Inner Heart which is making a very big difference in my life and life choices.
  2. Reiki Tummo

    Mandrake, thank you for your blunt honesty. May I ask where you attended the workshop and who taught it? Were you able to be regular and devote any time to the recommended practices following your attunement? I ask for a couple of reasons. Our nervous systems are all different and sometimes it takes awhile for a person to become kinesthetically sensitive enough to register the Reiki Tummo flow I described in an earlier reply to Hundun. Not everyone will feel it clearly in the beginning. The Reiki Tummo attunement is not meant to blow your system open in an unbalanced unhealthy way but to begin a very gentle balanced process that allows the divine energy, the earth energy and kundalini to work together in a manner that builds a solid healthy foundation, physical and non-physical preparing the way for real spiritual growth. Sometimes, it does take follow-on practice of the recommended exercises for several months before it is clearly felt by a participant. In the scheme of things comprising a lifetime, a couple of months investment is not that long a period of time to evaluate the worthiness of a practice. If you ever want to consider giving it another shot, I would be happy to see if I could find a senior alumni in the area who might be of assistance or if that did not work, perhaps Rama one of Irmansyah's Reiki Tummo teachers might be able to work with you at a distance. I cannot promise Rama would be available but I could at least ask and find out. Of course, there would be no charge for either since you have already taken the workshops. And as you probably know, anyone who has attended a Reiki Tummo workshop can repeat the workshop including receiving the attunements for $25. From your comment, this probably is not of interest to you but I am just putting it out there should you ever have a change of heart. Regarding your comment, "The strongest impression, or strongest lacking impression was that of people embodying some real wisdom. Instructors, students, no one." ... Irmansyah has attempted to make the Padmacahaya course of instruction available to everyone including those with no previous background at all. The name Reiki Tummo, especially the reiki portion has caused the majority of serious practitioners of other disciplines to treat it lightly feeling there was little of value. It is actually one of the reasons, I am taking the time to respond to some of the questions in this forum. I have a deep respect for diligent practitioners of every tradition and want to clearly communicate that the training for the spiritual heart, inner heart, soul and spirit that follows at the retreat level with Irmansyah is something of real value that can complement and empower any path or discipline. The opening, unfolding and proper utilization of the spiritual heart is critical in the spirit's journey home to the Creator. Mandrake, in alot of occasions, it has been true that many if not most of the participants in a given Reiki Tummo workshop are relative newbies and do not have deep practicing backgrounds in yoga, taoism, dzogchen, etc. For the most part regarding outside disciplines, the authorized Reiki Tummo teachers do not either. However, they do have an excellent knowledge of the material they are teaching, a deep loving relationship with Divine Source and experientially a very good, deep and sustained ability to be able to open and surrender their whole heart and whole self to Divine Source to be used as an instrument and let the Love work through them. These are the critical elements in being a teacher. They are here to help at the entry level. They are still learning themselves. Real wisdom and understanding does not equate with information given out to satisfy our brains or the ability to correlate teachings from other disciplines with Reiki Tummo but how well we can open our heart and whole self to Divine Source and let the Love and Blessings of the Creator work. As Reiki Tummo is simply the beginning part of a series of lessons in advanced spiritual development, authorization to teach Reiki Tummo is not spread freely. The ability to surrender properly, knowledge of the entry material and the authority to do so are closely monitored by Irmansyah. Teachers can spend years in training before their surrender to Divine Source has reached a sufficient level of depth and quality to be granted permission to teach a workshop. Even after that, they are closely monitored by Irmansyah. Only an approved teacher in the Padmacahaya or Padmajaya (Indonesian) Foundation has the authority to teach Reiki Tummo. This is to ensure that the direction and real goal of Reiki Tummo does not change. A person who has completed level 3B (teacher level) in Reiki Tummo is still learning and does not have a complete and thorough understanding-realization about the full essence of Reiki Tummo, as Reiki Tummo is an integrated part of a more advanced program of spiritual development. When taking our first workshop, many of us, myself included, enter and take with us many preconceived ideas and expectations that can limit our experience. This is actually more common with seasoned practitioners vs new persons with little background. Personally, I came to Padmacahaya with over 30 years of practice learned from other traditions. I mentioned in another reply that both helped and hindered me. In some respects, I progressed quickly, in others like the heart I had an initial difficulty and had to unlearn certain things. Working with the heart is about letting go and allowing. I was very disciplined with my previous practices and had built up habits of doing things in certain ways. However, working with the heart and the blessings of Divine Source is not about doing it our way, it requires giving up control to something bigger than ourselves, to our Creator the one that birthed us. Many came to the initial workshops I attended with little or no practicing spiritual background in this lifetime and actually did much better with the heart than I did. Some continue to do so even now years later. It took me awhile to let go of some restrictive habits cultivated by my past training, certain concepts and ideas I had, but once that happened and I was really able to begin letting the blessings work, in the best of ways things changed dramatically for me including practices I still continued to do from other traditions. All of the material for Reiki Tummo I, II, IIIA except the bonus Shing Chi 8 practice (first divine chakra above the crown) is explicitly presented in Irmansyah's book. If time is taken to carefully read the book, one can see that Irmansyah is presenting and using the Reiki material in a particular way to experientially begin teaching lessons much more important than Reiki itself. Specific practices and instruction are used to impart particular spiritual keys at each level of Reiki Tummo. These are clearly delineated in Irmansyah's book. The majority have to do with 1) knowing our heart, relaxing, smiling and surrendering, 2) strengthening and using our heart better so that one can connect to the Creator easier and be able to better receive the blessing of the Creator and 3) removing limitations and gaining a better understanding of the Divine. The specific lessons, methods and practices for imparting the understanding to these keys and more that I have not mentioned are in the book. Their value should not be underestimated. In Padmacahaya, Reiki Tummo is a training platform. The Reiki symbols used in Reiki Tummo I, II, IIIA have no power of their own. They are much like training wheels on a bicycle when we first learn to ride. In the beginning, they support our learning. However, at a certain stage we outgrow their use and they become limitations. After the Reiki Tummo workshops are completed in the follow-on spiritual retreat with Irmansyah, our connection to Divine Source is strenghthened more, our understanding of the Divine and ability to let the blessings work improve and specific barriers in our energy field that separate us from the universe are removed thereby eliminating the need to use Reiki symbols. At that point we rely more directly on the Love and Blessings of Divine Source. These are just words but the impact to our spiritual growth is huge. Everything in Padmacahaya builds step-by-step creating the proper foundation that allows the next step to unfold naturally and become alive within the individual. I wish you the best in your own practices and chosen path. The best to you ALWAYS. Stevejon
  3. Reiki Tummo

    Hi Hundun, Continuing to reply to your questions and comments ... Hundun Comment: i was a member of a kundalini support group some years ago, the one that was started by el collie. i think it was there that i first learned about tummo reiki as a solution to some of the negative side-effects of premature awakening. if i don't remember if folks of the site tried it or if the testimonials came solely from people who joined the forum after the fact. before i met the teacher that helped to balance me out, i had considered trying it, but was skeptical of it being like every other "Reiki PLUS" system out there. Hundun, I am not an authorized Reiki Tummo teacher and do not have direct experience helping others that have suffered with the effects of kundalini syndrome. The person who could provide the most meaningful information on this is Rama. Rama has worked with a number of individuals who had kundalini syndrome. As a Reiki Tummo teacher, he could best describe his experience in working with them, the effects of Reiki Tummo and hopefully put you in direct contact with the persons he actually worked with so that you could get a first-hand response. If you are interested in contacting him, please let me know and I will find his current email send it to you and let him know you will be contacting him. Hundun question: can you explain the "tummo" part? When Irmansyah says tummo in Reiki Tummo, he is referring to the kundalini that rises up the sushumna in the spine and that originates from the kundalini seat in the perineum. The Padmacahaya method is NOT the Tummo meditation of the Tibetan Tummo practices that utilize the central channel in the middle of the body with the Ah symbol at the secret place below the navel and the vase breathing to stoke the fire, the melting and dripping of the drops, etc. One note that is very important to mention is that our spiritual heart and connection to Divine Source is primary in every aspect of the Padmacahaya curriculum including the entry Reiki Tummo portion. Beginning level instruction on how to use our heart properly is provided in the RT I and II workshops. A map of the energy flow following the Reiki Tummo Level II attunement consists of the following. 1) The divine energy enters the crown chakra and flows out through the palm chakras. There are a number of divine chakras above the crown. As one progresses with the curriculum the nature of the down-pouring energy becomes more refined (higher Shing Chi(s)). As one proceeds with the Heart work, understanding and realization, there are steps that follow beyond the Shing Chi(s) ... 2) The divine energy continues to flow down the sushumna into the perineum activating and awakening the kundalini. 3) The divine energy continues to flow down through the base chakra, sole chakras into the earth's core, blessing the earth. 4) In response, the blessed earth energy rises up flowing into the sole chakras and base chakra flowing into the kundalini center at the perineum activating and uncoiling more kundalini rolls. 5) The kundalini energy then flows up the sushumna and out the crown, mixing and blending with the divine energy above the crown. 6) The mixing-blending of the kundalini and divine energy above the crown showers down over the body in the form of golden yellow and silvery white sparks of light/energy that are absorbed by the body. This process occurs naturally 24 hours a day after the Reiki Tummo Level II attunement and is strengthened everytime one uses the heart properly relying on Divine Source and Divine Source's blessings to channel energy to oneself or others. When channelling energy, if a chakra problem is encountered and needs healing, kundalini may also flow out of the palms to assist in healing the chakra but this is not done through conscious intent or manipulation. This awakening provides a gentle, balanced, safe way to begin opening the nervous system, energy system and heart and to strengthen our connection to Divine Source. It helps lay the preparatory step to build a foundation for follow-on practices. Some who are not very kinesthetic, may find that their nervous systems need additional cleansing and refinement before they clearly feel the flow. Most feel something even in the beginning. For those that do not, if they are regular in the recommended practices for one or two months the majority will then feel it. A grounding practice in Level I and RT tummo practice in Level II are taught to further strengthen and stabilize the changes to the nervous system. Each are clearly described in Irman's book. The grounding practice can be performed by anyone even without the attunement. It is recommended to only perform the tummo practice if you have received the RT Level II attunement. Including a comment from Ed Rubenstein's article on 'Kundalini and Reiki Tummo'. The question is often asked, “How can this be achieved since the opening of sushumna and chakra knots represents the clearing of lifetimes of Karma?” The reason is that a Guru or energy from a particular spiritual lineage is not the source of the Attunement. Master Irman explains that the Love of the True Source is beyond the Law of Karma, and the attunements are allowing and relying on the Love of the True Source to dissolve karmic blockages without alumni having to receive the karmic reactions from our past actions. " Hundun, years ago, previous to Reiki Tummo, I received shaktipat from the Siddha and Maha Kundalini traditions. For me the experience of the Reiki Tummo Level II and 3A attunements were different in the following way. The RT Level II attunement was more balanced and nourishing to my nervous system. The feeling of the blended energy arising from the interaction and mixing of the divine energy from above the crown, the earth energy and kundalini was much more soothing to my nervous system than the stand-alone form of kundalini previously received in shaktipat. Since you are familiar with AYP you might ask about the danger of having the kundalini flow out the crown. What safety measure is provided? The spiritual heart is the key. We don't meditate or forcefully focus on the crown. In addition to kundalini flowing out the crown, the crown is also the gateway that allows the divine energy to descend into the spiritual heart. Just as the kundalini has certain properties and functions to cleanse and develop our nervous system, energy system and chakras, the best cleansing agent for the spiritual heart is not the kundalini but is the divine energy that enters from above the crown. As we progress in our practice this becomes more refined until we are able to allow the direct and complete Love of Divine Source to cleanse and work on us through the spiritual heart. Within our spiritual heart which is not the heart chakra but is located at a deeper level inside the heart chakra resides an aspect of our spirit that Irmansyah refers to as our True Self. In yogic literature it is referred to as the atman. Irmansyah refers to the core of the True Self that resides within our spiritual heart as the Inner Heart. It is the spark of the creator, the real you and provides a direct connect between you and Divine Source. When Yogani refers to the 'guru in You', this would be the Inner Heart. The Inner Heart properly accessed and utilized can become the director of our entire being. In Padmacahaya, this process formally begins in the Inner Heart workshop. The Inner Heart knows what is best for us in all regards. The spiritual heart and more precisely, the Inner Heart ... the 'guru in You' provides the most complete level of directorship for our entire being. As we progress, we learn to better rely on Divine Source, to allow and let the Divine Blessings and Love to work in and through us, through our spiritual heart, guiding and directing the kundalini, the energy flow, the required connection with Mother Earth and all other things needed. In later retreats and the Master Yoga portion of the curriculum designed for serious spiritual practitioners, this includes completing the kundalini process with all major chakras blooming into full lotus form, dissolving the ego to abide in who we truly are and to become part of the Love. The journey Home, if one can speak in those terms, is a journey of our True Self. The ultimate destiny is not about going to a higher place, dimension or destination but to return to the Creator. The Love of the Creator of our Beloved Divine Source is the mightiest power that can cleanse, purify and provide all of our needs in an instant. The Love of the Creator is the only power that can take us Home. In Padmacahaya, the safety net in allowing the kundalini to flow out the crown comes in several ways. 1) First, in RT level I, the blockages in the sushumna and chakra knots are sufficiently cleared to allow the safe passage of kundalini up and out the crown. During the attunement, the Love of Divine Source calibrates this according to your needs and nervous system. 2) The connection to the core of the earth is made for proper grounding. 3) The beginning level instruction on using the spiritual heart properly in working with the subsequent recommended practices is provided along with the activation. Reiki Tummo and the Padmacahaya curriculum is not about how to become a healer. On the contrary, one learns and realizes that the best healer is always the Divine Source. In follow-on training, we better learn-realize that the blessings of Divine Source really is Love and always gives the best. By having this proper understanding in everything whether it be energy channeling, specific spiritual practices, living our daily life, we will then be able to let the blessings of the Divine Source help us, our friends, all beings and existence. The greatest gift of all is Love itself. Its true meaning and substance can only be discovered and known in sharing with others. Stevejon
  4. Reiki Tummo

    Hi Hundun, Just responding one question at a time. Mikael, Hundun I will be copying some of these questions and anwers to the Reiki Tummo topic in the AYP website xxxx ing out your names unless you give me the OK to include them. Others, visiting the site may occasionally have similar questions. did you learn RT in-person, or was that via correspondence ... ? Both ... In February of 2002 after becoming interested in Reiki Tummo, I sent Irmansyah an email asking for more information. At that time there were no live workshops being held in the United States so he connected me with Rama one of his Indonesian teachers who was in charge of giving distant attunements. Initially, I received the Reiki Tummo attunements Levels 1 thru 3A distantly from Rama. Then, in August of 2002 with two others, a gentleman from Los Angeles and a woman from Toronto, I helped to sponsor and bring Irmansyah to the USA to present the worshops in person where I took the actual workshops with Irmansyah as teacher. That was my first meeting with Irmansyah. I had previously been informed that the Padmacahaya curriculum beyond Reiki Tummo was only available at live retreats so it was my intention to help get things started to bring the follow-on training to the USA for anyone who was interested in attending. Stevejon
  5. Reiki Tummo

    Hi Hundun, Mikael, I've seen your posts and as time allows will respond to your questions. Thank you for providing me with an opportunity to share in this forum. Hi SFJane, Thank you for sharing your experience and observations. In my experience, there is a big difference between being a healer, regardless of how much one knows or how much power and energy one can control and direct and 'becoming-being' a real instrument allowing Divine Source's Blessings, Love and Light to be shared and work on others. Of course, I am not speaking about the 'mom and pop' Reiki masters you describe. It does take more than just receiving a few attunements, calling oneself a Reiki Master to be so ... I look forward to sharing on this important topic. As mentioned in a previous post, I will reply as time allows ... don't have much free right now but will respond as soon as possible. Blessings, Love and Light, Steve
  6. Reiki Tummo

    Hi Mikael, Hi Hundun, I would be glad to discuss more of my experience with you both. It is best to respond to specific questions. To address a couple of points, comments and questions you had ... Hundun, you are right, the 30+ years of practice prior to Reiki Tummo definitely had an impact on my initial and follow on experience with Reiki Tummo. We all bring who we are to the table any time we enter into a practice or path. In my case what I came with to Reiki Tummo helped me in some ways and held me back in others. Prior to Reiki Tummo, I did have a clear experience of kundalini and other various flavors of shakti. In addition I had a regular practice of deep meditation that over the years evolved from what I had learned in the Kriya, TM-Siddhi, kundalini yoga, taoist and dzogchen traditions. My normal schedule of practice was for 2 hours in the morning before work and 2 hours in the evening with more time spent on weekends as schedule allowed. Of course, this varied with life circumstances. In my life I have always followed what felt true and best to my inmost Self and not necessarily what others advised even if they had a spiritual mantle and well-known name. As an engineering graduate, I have always approached every discipline and teaching with an open heart and and honest sense of evaluation. I am not a new-age kind of guy and I definitely learned alot of lessons the hard way through experimenting with my own nervous system, energy system and bodies. Sometimes the best lessons are learned in retrospect when you overtax yourself and learn the boundaries, limits and rules of operation of our innermost workings. For sure, that happened with me in more than one occasion. When I speak about a practice or teaching, I do so because it has or had a positive measurable impact in my own life and I want to share its benefit with others. I have no desire to sell or market Reiki Tummo. Each person should trust their own heart in making these kind of important life decisions. What is true is whether one selects Reiki Tummo and the Padmacahaya curriculum or another path entirely ... eventually, everyone has to pass through the door of their innermost Heart. This is the direct connection each of us has to the Creator of our own True Self ... and is the Way to return Home (true Yoga) and to live for the real purpose of life freely and completely sharing the Love and Blessings of Divine Source with others, all beings and existence. This is not done with an individual effort but as a spark of the Creator, a part of the Love as an instument allowing Divine Source and Divine Source's most beautiful and complete Love to work through us without limiting or qualifying it in anyway. I encourage you to always follow what is real and true for your own Self ... for indeed only you and the Creator know what that is. Kundalini Reiki and Reiki Tummo did come on the internet around the same time. Actually, Reiki Tummo then known as Tummo Reiki was first. Kundalini Reiki was originated and taught by Ole Gabrielson who studied up to Reiki Tummo Level II then put together his own system (sorry I don't know if Ole is a man or woman). However, I do have some experience here. I took Kundalini Reiki from Ole prior to beginning Reiki Tummo. I did this in correspondence with Ole by distance attunement, all of them including the boosters. After proceeding forward with Reiki Tummo I can tell you from direct experience that there is an absolute difference in effect and experience of the two systems. The nature of the connection with the Earth, the Heart and the quality of Love that is part of the Reiki Tummo attunement is distinctly different than that received from Kundalini Reiki. The Reiki Tummo attunements are preparatory creating a foundation for a much deeper and truer connection with your own Self and Divine Source. Please know, I am not criticizing Ole for Ole was very kind to me in our correspondence... just noting my direct experience with both. From an energy and inner Self perspective, they are very different. I have no doubt that any person whose desire, longing and love for Divine Source is true and sincere will be provided with everything they need. Time and time again in my own life when I was in the skids with nothing, ill, by myself, seemingly out of nowhere exactly what I needed whether it be money, a teacher, a friend, a place to live, a healing was provided for me. Not always what I expected, or even wanted at the time ... but in every case what I truly needed to take the next step closer to Divine Source. Mikael, Hundun I wish you the best in all ways in your own journeys. We are all in this together, kindred spirits, siblings, here to help and support each other along the way. The Love of Divine Source is available to and blesses all and is not a proprietary resource of Padmacahaya. Blessings, Love and Light, Stevejon
  7. Reiki Tummo

    I have alot of experience with Reiki Tummo and the follow-on levels of Padmacahaya training. I have been a sincere practitioner since Feb, 2002 and with several others helped bring Irmansyah to the USA in 2002 to get Reiki Tummo and the Padmacahaya curriculum restarted and available in the USA. It definitely is legitimate. My life is busy and time is limited ... I would not spend it in practicing and utilizing the Padmacahaya teachings-instruction if the results were not incredibly effective. Having said this, I do understand your questioning and uncertainty from the short description given regarding Irmansyah. However, to really know something it is best to verify its integrity and underlying basis-substance (especially so for a spiritual path) with the heart vs the brain or intellect. Blessings, Love and Light, Stevejon
  8. Reiki Tummo