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  1. Bumble bee sound

    Little1, You write, "I'm one of the fellows that is currently "blessed" with the hearing of the buzz sound. The first time it happened when I tried some qigong meditation, and it never left me. It is all the way back into my ears. It gets really loud if I focus throu a meditation that uses this sound as a centerpoint. It's not only one sound, it's a million sounds inside it." Tao Bum! writes, "As you can already hear the different sound "components" then you pick the highest pitched one to listen to, once it splits into it's components listen to the highest pitched one, repeat, repeat, repeat. The only warning I have read (Ken Cohen's) is not to listen to it in your left ear, use your right ear first and the sound eventually moves around in your head till it gets to the crown. Perhaps that warning is because he picks the highest pitched sound, not sure, the way I was taught was "just listen" I think I know the sound to which you refer. If it's what I think, it's the sound many meditators hear 24 hour a day. I started hearing this sound, full of overtones and undertones, when I started meditating, years ago. As I understand it, it's called the "hu." It's another sound which I would very much like to understand. And don't anyone bother me with that tinitus stuff. I've looked into it; it's not that. I hear it right now; but that's not the bee sound. For example, once when I was deep in meditation, getting just about totally free from thought, I got this sound like one huge bumble bee on steroids, and it sounded for all the world like the thing flew straight into my ear, impacting with my eardrum with a"POP!" Naturally I was very curious about such a happening. I still have only theories, and dammit, I that doesn't cut it.
  2. Bumble bee sound

    cat, Yes! I mean no, I have not read that book, but I heard an in-depth interview with the author. I wonder, are you familiar with the story C.G. Jung writes, about a patient of his who was having a recurring dream about a scarab? She was a pretty hard-nosed nominalist-materialist, skeptical about the plausibility of synchronicities having any real significance. Then they heard a tapping at the window. Jung got up to see what it was. It was massive beetle, striking the glass with one foot. Jung brought the insect to her attention and said something to the effect of, "Your scarab, ma'am." Why am I posting here; why did I find this BBS? I think it's because we are all being used by... what? The universe, or something. Ten years ago I would have scoffed at such an idea. Not today. There is order in the universe. It's kind of like a wind. I want to learn how to angle my sail, so to speak--let it take me wherever it blows me. Sorry if I'm getting too mythopoetic, but I'm really beginning to believe this. mr
  3. mwight, Do you mean a meter, a machine for detecting and quantifying these vibratory/heat energies, or a generator, a machine for generating such energies. If the latter, I've been thinking the same thing recently. And, no, I do not think it's a crazy idea. It may not work, but it is certainly worth considering and perhaps making the attempt. mr
  4. clear semen

    Well, this is very interesting to me. I don't know all of the terms being used here, but I've been trying extremely hard to practice continence, and I've attributed to that, among other things, this Kundalini arousal. You know, C.G. Jung refers to "canalization of libido," meaning making one's psychic energy go where one wants it to go. Of course Jung studied eastern philosophy as well as classical Greco-Roman mystery religion. If I understand this, it is the inversion of the libido, causing one's interest, intentions, psychic energies to be reoriented upward, instead of being used to create an external object and spilling it back to the dust from which man springs. That seems one hell of a good idea. mr
  5. Bumble bee sound

    Oolong Rabbit, You refer to "an INTENSE vibrating feeling". That is very interesting. Buzzing. Vibration. I'd bet many people here have had occasions when a flash of searing heat shot up their spines. Heat... is of course vibration. Joeblast says, "It seems to be something that comes with some really profound stillness." That seems to be a consensus. When the "waters of the mind" become still, here comes this buzzing. Has it occurred to anyone that in those classical Hindu paintings of a yogi sitting in the lotus position, the yogi is usually depicted with the thousand-petaled lotus painted on his the crown of his head. What would be attracted to a flower, especially one with a thousand(actually 997 or something)petals? There are here dots to be connected. It is our inheritance as human beings to grasp these things. mr
  6. Bumble bee sound

    Taomeow, Your posting is extremely interesting and helpful to me. Thank you very much, and thanks as well to everyone else who has posted. All of this is valuable. I am gratful. I may be way off, of course, but I think I may have something in the direction of a real answer as to what this bee sound business is about, what it is, why so many meditators hear it. I totally get the concern you relate about intrusion. I'm at a stage where I'm just about ready to say, heck with it, and encourage that intrusion with all my being. I may or may not be able to articulate my reasoning in this matter, if anyone wants to hear it. It would be some pretty difficult writing, though. Meanwhile, I'm still listening to anyone who will contribute. Anyone... ? Anyone at all... ? MR
  7. i want a promotion

    jan, Wow, yes. I was a tad concerned I'd find more "bum" than "tao" here. But there are folks posting on this site who seem genuinely interested in the road. I want to be careful not to depotentiate the introversion that's brought me as far as I've come. I’ve gathered that the psyche has to be at least somewhat of a pressure cooker to improve. However these responses have many of them been very keen and worthwhile. These require real consideration. MR
  8. Bumble bee sound

    Does anyone have anything to say about the bumble bee sound reported by some meditators? I have my own ideas, but these are pretty meager. Someone--anyone--please tell me what you know or what you suppose. I'll take either. MR
  9. i want a promotion

  10. i want a promotion

  11. i want a promotion

    Thank you, Karen. I think that was well said. I think what I'm really seeking here is total erasure of maya, which is quite the same thing as ego death, which is quite the same thing as the Christian concept of taking up one's cross (impliment of execution). It seems to me that the unification of a conscious mind--that is, a divided mind--is, again, the exact same thing as above. This is hierogamy; this is alchemy. It's difficult because it is so closely analogous to carnal death. Having not experienced this, I cannot claim authority on the subject. Having done some studying, however, I can imagine nothing else, ultimately, worth doing. Now, it seems I find myself on the precipice of whatever hierogamy, alchemy, and ego-death really means. And I don't care about anything else anymore.
  12. kundalini

    Does anyone here know anything about Kundalini? Would anyone feel qualified to advise me on a Kundalini matter?
  13. need kundalini info

    Can anyone direct me to persons knowlegable on the topic of kundalini. This is serious. Thank you.