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  1. Haiku Chain

    dew drops, on green leaves gum drops, sticky in my teeth time drops, and i laugh
  2. Top 3 advice from you to you

    1. get out of your head 2. there is tremendous power in daily consistency - find good things to do and do them every day 3. trust yourself
  3. Haiku Chain

    surf's up, darling boy time to go shopping and then sleep with the fishes
  4. Haiku Chain

    by my grandmother i sat, reciting slokas and learning magic
  5. Haiku Chain

    left on the same foot right at the yellow mailbox the postman cometh
  6. Haiku Chain

    pretty sandcastles dip a bucket, add a wing building legacies
  7. Haiku Chain

    scurry to tunnel into your mind recesses. deep, deeper, deepest
  8. Haiku Chain

    for now this will do because whyever the hell shouldn't this suffice
  9. Haiku Chain

    and a waffle cone flip-flops. is it a cone or maybe something else?
  10. Haiku Chain

    sweet potato pie in the sky up high so high i had to fall down
  11. Haiku Chain

    dining on turkeys sleeping off the afternoon what a way to go!
  12. Haiku Chain

    of a brand new day, they say it's just like riding a bicycle home
  13. howdy

    new to TTB - stumbled into it as i was looking for information about daoist practices. looks like a pretty interesting place so far. looking forward to whatever comes next.