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  1. Ejaculation control for "everyone"

    Sorry guys, but i thought you were experts about this topic. I still really am confused So, i re-formulate the question. what are the side effects of semen retention that a non/meditation/practitioner can encounter?
  2. Ejaculation control for "everyone"

    Well. Like i said i know very well taoism, but for now i don't want and don't have time to learn meditation. The problem is very very simple. Now i'm 38, and i like very much sex. I practice sport very seriously. And if i ejaculate often i have problem. I think you know very well the effects of ejaculation. Last year i overtrained, have various problems, an incredible exhaustion, with some kind of little infections. Initially i thought the problem was the training, then i discovered that the problem was the too frequent ejaculation. For example, it's impossible for me to have sex every day. So, that's why i'm trying to find a solution.
  3. Ejaculation control for "everyone"

    What are the side effects and how can i eliminate that feeling?
  4. Hi. From Italy

    Hi guys. I'm Paolo from Italy. I like oriental philisophies, i've read some books about taoism. I never practiced meditation, but i'm interested in some topics about body (and mental) health.