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  1. Free Speech and Moderator Action

    I did not want to come back here ever, I even forgot my old credentials but had to say this. The issue was not about being warned or not. The issue was about the Moderator's personal relationships with people affecting his judgment. When I called the fussy lady 'Cheerleader', I did so because she was cheerleading for KAP which was being advertised to the point of ad nauseum here. It was a fact and was neither a personal insult or name calling. It was like calling someone who debates a debater. The moderator in this case chose to ban me because of his association with KAP and because of his personal relationship with Cat as a friend, which he himself admitted. And he consulted his girlfriend on this matter and banned me because she thought so. Cat, girlfriend and his own association with KAP and Santiago was what led to my ban. Is this an example of moderators doing a good job? Now the issue is being swept under the carpet as being a controversial decision or a case where no warning was issued. But Santiago and Cat got away calling others idiots, pussy and more because they are in the list of "valued" members? I protested to the usage of such words which I thought was sexual objectification of women and no one had a problem then. But cheerleader was deemed to be an insult beyond measure because Cat and someone's girlfriend thought so? Or it was just that the moderator's loyalty to his teacher that caused him to eject me of the forum? I had valid questions, which the KAP crowd chose to ignore anyway. Now, I did insult one person albeit not intentionally and that was CowTao. He did respond to me like a gentleman that he truly is (CowTao, I have been meaning to apologize for that, but haven't been back here. I see that you truly do walk your path and have cultivated compassion) but I was not banned for that..Reason probably is that he is not in the let's-pat-each-other's back club of "valued" members or in the cheerleading group for one of the advertisers here. I don't have an issue with moderators, but how many of these moderators are doing a just job without their own personal prejudices coming in the way of their moderating exercise? While I thought I was questioning ShaktiMama and Santiago for their misrepresentation of Kundalini and commercialization and unproven claims, the moderator due to his personal association with the same group decided it was insulting and decided to ban me. If one reads the same thread, there has been much more severe name calling, insults etc. If the person who reported me was not Cat and the topic was not against KAP, I bet the moderator would not have noticed anything insulting in my post. So, when a moderator bans someone the most that can happen is a long discussion. And then what? He returns to doing the same again? A lot of people spoke against my ban and what happened? Nothing... So the conclusion is that Moderators are Super Gods here. They do what they want. Bye. Edit: Stig, thanks for considering my request to unregister me from the forum.
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    Hi All..