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  1. Ching > Chi > Shen > Void

    That makes sense. So it's good to collect both yin and yang chi, but upon physical death we want to discard the yin and only keep yang? As for yin yang, I always thought yin and yang were attracted to each other because they're opposite polarities. Kind of like electrons and protons except chi is much finer matter. Shen is mental / consciousness, and I'd therefore imagine it's energy on the mental plane. Since chi is one level lower than shen, I'd imagine chi is astral energy. And then that would make ching physical matter. I've read that ching is ... sperm? Maybe I forgot. Perhaps more specifically, maybe yang ching is sperm and yin ching is etheric sort of on the order of ectoplasm. Hmm, on the other hand, I recall reading that physical plane laws is such that opposites attract, astral plane laws is such that opposites have weak attraction, and mental plane laws is such that like attracts like. Shimo
  2. Hi, Sorry if this is not the proper place to post this, but the forum wouldn't allow me to post in the Tao section. Lately I've become very interested in Nei-kung and Tao, but don't know that much about it. It's said that the path is to convert Ching to Chi, and Chi to Shen, and ultimately Shen to Shu (Void). Perhaps we could call those different levels of energy where Ching is the lowest in vibrational rate. Within each level, there are two polarities, the Yin (negative) and Yang (positive). So for example there's Yin Chi, and Yang Chi. Does that mean there's also Yin Ching and Yang Ching, and Yin Shen and Yang Shen? The famous guy John Chang who's seen on video catching paper on fire with his Yin & Yang Chi said we need both Yin and Yang chi to do such things. That makes sense to me since it's said that creating and creativity comes when Yin & Yang meet, fire & electricity. On the other hand, Taoist Master Ni Hua Chin says that we do not want Yin energy to become immortal beings, but we only want yang energy. He says that negative beings have a lot of yin and not so much yang, that common people have both, and immortals only have Yang energy. So now I'm really confused. Is it bad to seek Yin energy so that we can use it with Yang energy to create? To add to the confusion, I've read in various Channeling and UFO contact information that there's no creativity in the spiritual realms, that everything that can be created is already created there. Recently it occurred to me that Taoist Master Ni Hua Chin says to become immortal we need to get rid of Yin energy. And so if we become immortal and enter the spirit realms with only Yang, then how can we create without both Yin & Yang? All of this makes sense to me, yet it still leaves unanswered questions. Should we want to accumulate both Yin & Yang? And if we do, then does that mean we can't become immortal and enter the spiritual realms? Here are a few quotes in Taoist Master Ni Hua Chin's book, "The Taoist inner view of the Universe and immortal realm," "First, there are the shiens who enjoy immortality with pure and light yang energy. Then comes the balanced human beings with yin and yang. Once they lose their lives they become dim ghosts with only decreasing yin energy." "Human beings are both spirit and matter, formed by the subtle and gross. As the yang energy increases and the yin energy decreases, one earns one's ascension to the Heavenly realm to enjoy Heavenly blessing. When the yin grows, the yang goes away. One walks the way of devolution close to the realm of shadow." "The balanced high human beings gather yang energy from the vast universe until their spiritual moon is full. They fly away, ascending from the earthly realm to the highest realm of immortality." "With pure yang energy, promote progression and ascension, expand the path of harmony, and finally achieve oneness with the eternal Tao." Thanks, Shimo