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  1. When we make sound its a language

    When the wind brushes the leaves its noise.. The air vent doesn't start going and then you think that its telling you to wash your dog. Its just making noise. The last time I got super stoned I realized this. It was like when my friends were talking they were just making noise(I also felt like the center of a universe was at my head...but thats kind of off topic). There was no distinguishment in what they were saying it was all noise. I just came to that realization again today.
  2. The Three Wise Men were Taoist!

    Take into consideration the source...which is abc news(I'm not trying to knock this thread...I'm just saying look a little more into this before making such a claim)...propaganda is not something you should trust completely. Nor any single source for that matter because they can fill you full of shit and you wouldn't know the difference. Don't just believe anything you are told. However it has been hypothesized before by various sources that JESUS was in fact a taoist.
  3. Dejected about my situation in modern Life

    A fighter pilot was once said to be admired by a well known pacifist, when asked why he admired a man so against his own beliefs the man replied "I judge a man by his own principles. Not my own." -Martin Luther King A lesson I learned not too long ago is the change has to take place within you before it seemingly takes place within others. I had a nephew that I couldn't stand(I felt like I genuinely hated this kid) I would seriously DREAD being around this kid for even a few hours because it seemed to drain me(and he'd always pick to be around me a few days). He'd come over and he wouldn't really hang out he'd be doing his own thing and I'd get so upset because I didn't understand why and the hell he'd come over but would go about doing his own thing in solitude. It seriously pissed me off. Then I started doing MY own thing and let him be (I'm a kind of a lone wolf anyways).All those expectations dropped off and I just let him be. I started to sort of enjoy his company in a different kind of way. I actually felt a love for him. It wasn't nearly as draining on myself either. I mean I still prefer my solitude but I no longer fret even the thought of him coming over.
  4. From The Great Tao Arises Humor

    lol thats kind of funny because I REALLY don't understand the
  5. What is there to win?

    there is nothing to win. In the book how to win friends and influence people they say that arguing is one of the fastest ways to losing a friendship.
  6. looking for book recommendations
  7. Fish

    another duality. Some do some don't all about perspective.
  8. interesting vid
  9. just finished "The tao of pooh" and loved it! What would you recommend?
  10. Orbs Fight Challenge!

    hey your that youtube guy that made all those cool videos!!!!! The taiji master!!! Not to jack this thread man but what kind of daoist alchemy for a beginner would you recommend(for like an absolute beginner)? I'm currently practicing semen retention for the next 100 days (havent been super successful so far..I lack the can I make sure it pays off besides just not jacking off where should I look to see the benefits?)and I'm also practicing the inner smile...but what else would you recommend
  11. victim mentality

    To change anything first change your thoughts...practice these new thoughts.
  12. I was just wondering about the results you achieved with it and wondering if its worth it.
  13. Wasp's Nest

    This remind me of a time when I had this squirt gun and me and my friends played this game of real life was fun as hell and we got rid of the nest but all of us got stung. If you do that method you want to make sure you have some distance on them.
  14. My favorite Taoist proverb

    times like this I wish I knew chinese