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  1. Intresting but Way too much emphasis on 'Controll' and nothing about the link to reality as in 'Understanding' the cause and effect mechanisms.
  2. Parents, Prejudice, and Hate.

    S.D., To me, our purpose, in this life, is to be better than our ancestors - not to be controlled by them even in their death . . . As such we remain in tune with the workings of the Universal Tao through Evolving - by becoming better as in improving our family line for future generations. When I was very young I thought about this and one day came up with the solution with my personal philosophy: "The Earth is my mother, the Sun is my father, and here I am in between as I Evolve." I think it will fit you as well.
  3. Mindstream

    T.M., The figure of 65,000 was in Autobiography of a Yogi some years ago Here is the e-book (free) Autobiography of a Yogi - free download of the first original edition by Paramahansa Yogananda 1946 Although - it gives the number as per hour - not per day. But it takes into account heartbeats, eyes open, etc. So who knows? I do think your statistic is probably more true as it is probably based on perceptual events ... but ...? By the way - I downloaded the book and it is real - although -for the Wannabe Writers - I think it probably is still under copyright of the orginazation that Paramhansa Yogananda began.
  4. Odd feelings.

    Now is a strange time as it is winter soltice, a lunar eclipse is coming in a few days and a meteor shower - all in the same week. Also... it Sounds a lot like your hormones are out of balance as well as going through the winter doldrums. I'm a guy so your cure may be different from mine - but here is mine- with articles by professionals. My cure-all for bringing my body back into balance is a natural food with catalysts for enzymes that work with the endocrine system and won't hurt as they are a 100% natural food. I use mung bean sprouts. Here's some articles that will give you an idea:
  5. How many ejaculations per week I can have?

    You bring a new light to the old: Do wacky Do wacky Do
  6. Tibetan Yoga meditation methods revealed

    Now it is. Although in the past if you wanted to eat.......
  7. Pie for your eye:

    ( it has free e-mail too )

    And a little free music for your tooter:

  8. I worked first to master meditation through the Savanasa and Kundalini which are the passive and active forms of Mental meditation (Yin & Yang). . . Later I discovered Visual and Location as in water and mountain tops also in the Yin & Yang categories. I have now discovered that it was inner peace that brought the meditative state to mind. Somewhere in this one I lost the Yang and just became me. ~..~
  9. An interesting book on this topic is I'm Ok You're OK Which actually appears, to me, to be reflecting the laws of physics Newton's 3rd Law through graphing the human personality with causes and effects such as you are describing. When working in a mental hospital, we were introduced into the field, by a psycharitist, through a course on statistics. Essentially a person was diagnosed through the percent of time spent on a particular action. EG: cleaning, smoking, walking in a particular pattern, etc.
  10. Collected Robert Bruce Posts on Kundalini

    ShaktiMama, I envy you of your newly discovered serinity. May your key to this door be everlasting.
  11. The Highest Psychic Power

    alwayson, Things do exist like you are describing but not with the Emotional Fevor that you exibit. By the way the development of the human chakra system was not designed by a ""Who"" but rather a ""What"" called Evolution. Try this book for a bit of mental reality on the subject. Concentration and Meditation: A Manual for Mind development It was written by the High Court Judge of England that was special counsel to the Queen and Founder of the Buddhist society of England.
  12. Outdoor Practice in various cities

    In Hong Kong there are many places - mainly in the morning (5 AM to 7 AM) it is any empty place with the areas around housing estates (or shopping centers) being the most popular. From 6 PM to 7:30 PM it is the parks. Where I live - people practice under the trees where many bring pet birds to watch and sing.
  13. What's SKYPE ? Obviously I don't do the skyping thingy but I do take all opportunitues to do Meditation. And - along with Carl Jung, I do see humanity - and the other more civilized critters as having a connection of minds. What time? Hey - that's the days of the Meteor shower too. I Got Soap!
  14. Collected Robert Bruce Posts on Kundalini

    When a person has done the work needed to understand - they tend to despise those wanting/crying to be spoonfed. This is why those that do understand only work with those that can understand. Even when spoonfed they too often vomit on the nursemaid. This wii be my last post on this matter You are only at the beginning
  15. Collected Robert Bruce Posts on Kundalini

    It's all about understanding - one's enviornment and one's self. Wrapping it up: ~..~ 1- There is a point where keeping too many secrets begin to do more harm than good. 2- As such The three heads of the Guardian of the Gates are: "Hopes, Fears, and uncertainities" which is the stuff that dreams are made of. 3- Simply put, the way to defeat the repeating dreams -AKA the Guardian of the Gates - AKA: mental illness - is through understanding them / it. You have just experiened the first book written on mental illness. The Guardian of the Gates that will allow you to pass into hell - but never leave. You can diagnose your dreams AKA 'sleepless nights with the above information'. And now you are in controll of your OBE - Not your dreams.