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  1. RIchard Liao has been contacted by many students of Grandmaster and has personally confirmed that the last time he had time to log into taobums was on February 2nd. He does not support that the sleeping practice is posted publicly (represented falsely by kathy, under Richard's name!) and thus takes no responsibility for any personal injury incurred as a result of incorrect practice. Grandmaster's students urge kathy to exercise proper judgement and to remove this information or prepare to take full responsibility.
  2. Yes, Master Wang is board member of Laozi academy and this is how you misrepresent him due to the fact that he is not involved with internet activity and direct student email notifications. You have falsely advertised everywhere that the price is $3600 and wish to surprise the students when they register that price is actually $3900? this is mismanagement indeed surely Master Wang did not approve of. In fact students say the $3900 is collected all together on the first day of Intensive so you are going against the established standard. Don't abuse the fact Master Wang is a board member and make wrong decisions in his name.
  3. We've known the above for a while now. You shouldn't post this though; it's really quite common knowledge amongst students but you might frighten away new students. taozen, Please remove this asap! for new students, please please note that one rep does not adequately portray the image of this school. when students do not do keep up with their practice, they should no longer represent the practice. so please understand that other students have attained very good levels, thus the worldwide support for Grandmaster.
  4. I've fallen in love with Taomeow.. Will you marry me?
  5. What is the motivation of the above post? To establish the "only official entity" who may promote for Grandmaster Wang? That kind of attitude is not acceptable; in the US especially, we are born free to speak and promote as we wish. We don't understand your wish to 'OWN' all rights to Grandmaster. We the students together can better share his teachings; shouldn't this be more important to you? If it makes you feel better we will add your email to our post as a contact. Dragongatenyc consists of all Grandmaster Wang students who volunteer their time to promote. They pondered how to help spread the word better for future students and decided to post on thetaobums after two successful Intensives. Certainly this was not a necessary step, as both April and August Intensives were extremely successful without promotion on thetaobums. This taobums post is an opportunity for new students, and should not be misconstrued into anything incoherent like this above post. As a student of the August 2010 Intensive, I was very impressed with Grandmaster's teachings and support dragongatenyc's efforts to reach out to students who are interested in growing in this direction. Perhaps you would like to see our August 2010 class photo which consists of students from around the world.
  6. TF, the only statement that sounds correct is "Grandmaster Wang already IS a world hero". You really have no idea; even the royal families of the emirates consult with him.
  7. Wang Liping

    Thank you for your inquiry. Grandmaster Wang does not visit thetaobums. Yes, of course he understands reincarnation.
  8. What is all this nonsense about pricing? Clearly tuition has been $3900 for newbies during at least the last three Intensives. Students from all over the world paid this price. Anyone who paid less is an OLD student. This is a fact. Now may we move on to how happy students are with Grandmaster? So happy that they continue to promote him as volunteers :-).
  9. There's qigong, neikung and kunlun and so much more available today, from each and every culture. In order to cultivate at the highest levels, my teachers all agree that it is necessary to commit to ONE chosen path, that students who have done too many incorrect practices under less than qualified teachers are doing themselves a serious disservice, sometimes causing irreparable damage.
  10. Hee, hee, Taomeow, you are cute. Perhaps TF might consider this. Grandmaster has a huge worldwide following in German, Russian, American and of course Asian communities to say the least. If TF is correct that Grandmaster Wang is not showing all his knowledge in his teachings, it appears at least that he is showing enough to impress serious students worldwide!