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  1. Newbie Queries - Forest Spring, Mantak Chia or Keven Cohen?

    They are calling this moderate but bottles, books and pictures fell off at my place ... never seen anything like this ..
  2. Newbie Queries - Forest Spring, Mantak Chia or Keven Cohen?

    You are right, I was thinking 'creepy' when I said 'uncanny'. SFQ certainly has given me a sense of wellbeing but I guess I was ignoring that and looking for something more sensational, generating some thumping, bliss etc. Today was even better, I was sitting and doing the small universe and all of a sudden the ground shook. I was wondering whether it was a 'spiritual experience' and then did I realize it was an earthquake!! Still trying to get out of the jolt...wooooo
  3. Newbie Queries - Forest Spring, Mantak Chia or Keven Cohen?

    Thanks for sharing the info. I have been practicing Spring Forest for a month and results are truly noticeable. My first experience with energy was while traveling on a plane fromIndia to LA when I met an Indian Master ( who practiced Traditional Tantra. I developed sickness and this guy placed his hands on my stomach. The pain disappeared in a while followed by sensations of deep fiery energy splashing in my spine. The bliss was overpowering though. Unfortunately I could not get in touch with him again. But the sensations continued to occur repeatedly and one night in a dream, the same person appeared and advised me to learn Chi Kung. I was wondering what it was when a neighbor told me she was taking a Chi Kung workshop by Master Chunyi Lin. Chunyi diagnosed the problem as Kundalini awakening and told me if was a powerful shaktipat that had happened to me and gave me specific exercises to balance energy. In a week, the unbearable energy was gone and calmness came back.
  4. Newbie Queries - Forest Spring, Mantak Chia or Keven Cohen?

    Hey Cameron, you have been into Kunlun for a while now and you continue to recommend it. So I guess nothing uncanny has happened to you on this path. I ordered the book and am waiting for it. But till it arrives, I am going to continue Spring Forest. Thanks....
  5. Newbie Queries - Forest Spring, Mantak Chia or Keven Cohen?

    And Kunlun seems to be better, faster than other things.....but yes, there is the 'transmission' part which seems kind of whacky
  6. Newbie Queries - Forest Spring, Mantak Chia or Keven Cohen?

    Well, cure for diseases etc is not primarily an objective but health is something I would like to maintain. But the primary goal is - if I may dare to say so - Spiritual Enlightenment. By authenticity I would mean the consistency or universality of the effectiveness. Also, being passed on by an authentic lineage of masters helping one to connect to the energy of the lineage.
  7. Hi All, I skimmed through the archives of the Tao Buffs forum and came up with the following conclusion: Mantak Chia - Shady, not all recommend practicing his techniques - from his books and tapes; no one seems to doubt the validity of the techniques but the modifications made seem to be suspicous. - I have most of his books, and a few of his audio/videos. The issue seems to be bad organization here. I was so confused reading so much about the microcosmic orbit that I could not figure out what to do! - But this guy seems to be teaching a few techniques which are probably more advanced than what others are teaching? Ken Cohen - His 'Essential Qigong' is a pleasure - Seems to cover everything that Chia speaks of or at least most of it - His workout is well-laid and doable Spring Forest - Chinyu Lin - This guy makes a lot of sense like Ken - His audio/video course is simple, well illustrated and doable - But what he teaches in four of his levels seem to be simpler than what Ken teaches. I am not too sure if that means the targeted result is smaller as well? Has any one done a comparative analysis of these three guys or others offering such courses as well? The key points I think one should consider would be: 1. Authenticity 2. Effectiveness 3. Comprehensiveness - whether the techniques can address both the novcie and an advanced practitioner 4. Two sides - whether the techniques taught address both the health and spiritual aspects Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks......
  8. Hi

    Hello, I am Vivek, East Indian living in California and have been practicing Kriya Yoga, Tantra and Surya Yoga for a while. I was introduced to Qigong by a colleague and have been learning Forest Spring QiGong for a while. Hope you learn more from you guys here. Thanks.....