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  1. Burning Palm System

    Hi Eugene, I train with Sigung Wretfors in Shattering Palm and Dao Gar primarily as well as Iron body etc....I also practice Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gung. The benefits I have seen and recieved from the training are both spiritual and physical. on the spiritual side I have begun to have a relationship with my body. Prior to training I practiced alot of transcending type meditations wich were good in their own right but made me feel extremely disconnected. I am now more grounded. I have had experiences with seeing light etc a few times both during and after training. primarily around people and trees. There is more of a knowingness I guess. it's hard to explain but i don't feel as if i am seeking anymore if that makes sense. Prior to really getting into the training and meditations I was constantly looking for somthing that fit my expectations of what a path and spiritual experience were and they were always short lived. I always looked for a quick path I guess. I've come to realize that the long journey is more sweet and not as abrupt. I've developed a true relationship with my teacher and consider him not just a friend but a brother as well as with Sifu Garry. Physically i have grown stronger(my wife definately likes the WBBM body.lol) I was very letharginc and work a stressful job so wasn't getting much exercise. the training changed all of that. I had a shoulder injury due to an auto accident and wasn't able to move my shoulder or raise my arm all the way up without pain. Since training the Shattering palm heigung i have full movement without pain. Interrnally i feel stronger and healthier than when i was a teenager. Most importantly for me though is the awareness that has been cultivated. I am definately more aware and life seems to be popping out at me now. It is always somthing new and exciting. I have definately seen from training that these arts are just as spiritual as they are physical in nature.... The training is somthing to look forward too daily. definately has turned into a " Kung Fu" love story. lol Hope this helps---j
  2. Burning Palm System

    I can attest to both Sigung Garry and Sigung Christers training and teaching. Both are top notch and the real deal. I am in the U.S and traing with Sigung Christer. He is an awesome teacher and friend. Sigung Garry is a legend in my mind as well as Sigung Christer. If anyone gets the opportunity to learn from either i would strongly recommend to jump at the chance. It is real deal training and will change your life. Not often you find teachers like these 2 anymore. both treasures.---J
  3. White Tiger Heavenly Healing System "72 levels"

    Hi Sifu Garry! Just wanted to report on the progress with the BFSYG. so far I am able to do 2x a day mixed with other WBBM training. I have been working on the first posture and the breath percentages and have noticed alot of pretty cool things. For instance, my stress levels are dropping pretty well. I'm not as tense. I have been doing a little standing prior to sitting as it seems to help move me into the mindset and open up a bit. I have also been feeling a very cooling energy inside and out both during and after the meditation sometimes even a pulsing of energy around the body.(possible magnetic field or maybe just feeling the heart?) I have also noticed that the Dan tien fills on its own with no visualization or guidance which is pretty damn awesome. I can really feel the Dan Tien area within the body both during and after the meditation which is something that I had had trouble with consistently. I have also noticed that clarity of thought as well as over all well being and health have increased. One thing I have noticed ,specifically last night was during the meditation I lose track of all sensation and being.(hard to explain) and when I come back it's like where the hell did I go? lol never really had that happen and again this morning it was deep. I was wondering when moving into the other postures, should we do a little of each posture that we have been working on before going into the current posture being worked on? If so should we close each posture out with their breath percentages and move the hands back to the knees , then begin the next posture? Also what exactly does the healing Tonic do? Oh And we need to get both you and Sifu Christer over to the U.S. for some quality time and seminars. (still trying to figure that part out flight prices are insane) lol. Hope you're doing well.--j
  4. White Tiger Heavenly Healing System "72 levels"

    Hey Sifu Garry, Sounds good. I was wondering what you recommend as far as length of time to meditate per day with whatever SYG meditation one is using. Should it be 1x a day for an hour or so or 2x a day etc? Also with the standing should one do sitting then standing together or space them out throughout the day? Really looking forward to seeing this thread grow. Thanks again.--J
  5. White Tiger Heavenly Healing System "72 levels"

    Hi Sifu Garry, Thanks for making this dvd. This system is the real deal and the instruction you give is priceless. Thanks also for not holding anything back with teaching this. I have been practicing daily and the results are awesome. I have noticed that while doing the meditations as well as after I am done there is a fresh feeling. Almost like taking a cool shower from the inside out. I have noticed alot more energy throughout the day and not so much lethargy. I did try to do all of the meditations in one sitting and definately do see why you say to take 1 a month until the system gets used to the energy. I had a bit of an overload doing all of them with some mood swings so stuck with doing the 1 a month. Thanks again and am looking forward to seeing what comes next.
  6. hello

    Hi all. I have been watching the forums for sometime now and am wanting to post and joing in on the conversations. All the bums here are awesome and am glad to be here.---Jiju