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  1. I wana be blunt and ask a question?

    Yawn... ive read your post very calmly...and im clear now that your understanding is-nvm... where to begin? 1 by 1 1)so i should listen to you- over my intuition? brother ill do you one better ill do a little research...but bear in mind a provided an example of how+why the distinctions. you merely give an elusive response; both men are bakers and the object they would be arguing is relevance whatsoever. why we call men that engage in repeated sexual activity with men gay- i think bears relevance to your initial comment. yes we are all people except for sure some are GAY people. if you want to remove labels thats fine and dandy- it still doesnt change the fact that, that word is used as an indicator to differentiate between people like you and I. and for good reason- brother im at peace. are you?... 2)have i mistreated you? in fact ive never mistreated any one because of their sexual orientation. so you are VERY defensive...again are you at peace? no? maybe youre out of balance... knee jerk, no not at all its thoroughly discussed because its been thoroughly thoughtout. which is why i can tell you my problems with IT, meanwhile you can only outline general cultural issues-IMO. (lol) keen observation by the way about beliefs affecting our behavior.this guy's really smart. its obvious no? you believe its ok to satiate your desires as you see fit, so you do. i believe gays (not all. in general) are at a spiritual/emotional/physical impasse, and therefore treat them accordingly with as much love as i would anyone else, whom i believe can benefit from genuine human exchange which is why i provide them the most i can give, which many strait men wont even give them-TIME. lately though im leaning there as well. there is just alot of arrogance, lack of introspection, and many times like this one here psuedoscholarship(dont take it too literally we aint talkin academics-but u talk like a know it all-u need humility)go to the university a lil and now ur a gay rights activist-guys who talk like they are strong with knowledge but havent even gone over what is right in front of them;themselves(though this is spreading in general). as for the animal kingdom-ive observed the same as you, the question is the nature gay? again a question of degrees, can we give it that label?(even if i understand u dont like them). nature self replicates/procreates- how much of it is through homosexual relations? be serious and LISTEN...i have no problem if ur gay, the same way i have no problem if 2 lions on the savannah are gay. when the scales start tipping and ambiguity starts to prevail on said savannah its evident that species will not survive much i said- imbalance. but ur so smart. 3)you want stats? where does one find those figures? do i ask the married homosexuals at the local bathhouse? or jus the ones in vermont(or wherever its been legalized)? this is what i meant by its unfair to argue from this perspective, youre talking about problems homosexuals dont even face. we havent begun looking at those numbers. its clear you havent really thought beyond justifying your behavior to yourself-and actually looked at the implications of whats happening as a whole. but you talk like you have...oh and im not insecure about sex,not at all- haha you want the truth? ima kinda over it-lol, its good or wutever but people nowadays live to bang.i bang to or wutever but at the end of the day you all know what it is- a 15 second orgasm a wipe and some snuggling...i just think you bi folk are just too hyped over something that should be ordinary, intercourse. things around you feel bad-but intercourse always makes ya feel good no?again imbalance. 4)ur mind is so shut...ive temepered my desires, which is one of the reasons why i dont have a problem with needing other wife is also amazing in every respect so that also helps, but i would be lying if i said my eye doesnt wander occasionally. this is different from doing something that i know i shouldnt. let me continue like this: my wife is beneficial for me, i have physical,emotional,spiritual needs (as im sure you do) all which she fulfills. in addition i fullfil hers. we have both benefitted from our connection-and the product of such is LIFE-which begets LIFE-which in turn begets LIFE. what tells me i shouldnt get with dudes...much like a scientist ive used the same method when thinkin about gays-but the end result is; lets not say death, but lets say FINITE. i will be here when im gone in more ways than one especially if we can do with him what wasnt done with you...a serious talk. i have no fear of my son being gay BTW, merely citing an incongruency i will have to touch upon. my love isnt relative to sexual practices- u should understand that. -on harmony- agreed harmony IS intrumental;this doesnt mean it cant be observed. i observe harmony all the time. when things are working as they should one can observe this harmony. so again, very smart answer but im not convinced. and im not trying to invalidate- i want you to tell me where and how i can percieve the harmony in homosexual relations- meaning what are the indicators? have you experienced this in a homosexual relationship?i mean when a system is in harmony its evident, i dont see that in any form in the 'LGBT community'-can you point it out for me? 5)MAN you must be the ONLY gay or something, cuz your reply as i continue here i realize is SO defensive- ive never told anyone to do anything-save develop. which is something im looking to do myself...get cumfy in your skin man. im not concerned about my son turning gay,trust-what is troubling you will not trouble my son, he'll have a well enough understanding of the self and HIS self and how to step behind his eyes and control his machine. you seem as if though i put a small fire under you... 6)im only led by those i choose, currently there is only one and he doesnt live .and i dont make war or insult..etc etc. my friends arent metro (well maybe 1 or 2) they are metalheads...your basic conceptions of whats goin on are superficial to me-sorry. i actually believe alot of these BS ideas also add confusion which make it more difficult for one to know ones genuine self...i dont think the guy with the lisp in the skinny jeans and a pink wifebeater is being more genuine with himself than one who understands the end result of his activity is not beneficial and struggles with himself (failing and prevailing)in the end is developing the self, and only through knowing the true can you express it...i doubt anyone's true self is 'bruno' type character-but alot of people sure do act like it. i had to go thru my shit as well-still am, always will be, till the end...we all carry alot of baggage...not just gays- its unfair to say because they too have strife that their practices are correct.its not.we dont make those concessions for anyone else really. if you focus enough on my problems and why i am the way i am,im sure you would all let me do whatever i want too right? and parade me in the streets for it too...there comes a point where we make distintions, there also comes a point where balance must be restored. this talk of trying this kind of relationship and that kind- its just weird to me .i understand, but its very childish, you do something for the sake of how it feels for you at the time-why there is so much promiscuity(btw this is all over including heteros-IMO jus moreso in gay society).this is too hot, this is too cold, this one is JUST right-not bearing in mind the pooridge aint was given to us as a gift, i believe we have certain duties to fulfill self enhancement being one of them, procreation(if possible) another. a person who assigns himself to that lifestyle is ignoring their responsibilities to themselves-and stays in stagnancy...ive gone through many positive changes and its because i try to do as i SHOULD not as i want...yet i see the example of those who do as they want disrearding how they should behave-and lets just say that path leaves you perpetually unsatisfied. freudian slip?nah but i understand,yes,yes,you're a smart cookie- i get it...why are you so stuck on my humble opinion? -Ali
  2. I wana be blunt and ask a question?

    let me begin with a nice long inhale and exhale...ok here we go...also let me say; brother, I love you. regardless of your sexual orientation... but on your first point- i cant really comment because i havent done the research but my gut tells me that you are wrong. and let me make a relevant point; its about behavior and modifying it. if uve been with a man (as a man) thats an event which you may choose to reflect upon and discontinue -this is a human thing, recurring events that you refuse to discontinue/acknowledge may be more detrimental for you- make you gay. for instance i run someone over with a car while drunk tonight- an event, i retain the label human. i go out tommorow drink and drive and hit 3 more people-now im a we DO reach a level where we make distinctions, and for good reason. its actually an inter/intrapersonal problem. so for sure the propagation of homo culture is a problem for me. i have to explain to my child that you dont have sex just cuz you get an erection-anyone fondles ur stuff enough and that will happen. i mean i have to tell him this concerning women already, how much more difficult when the example of men on men relationships are becoming more acceptable and prevalent- even though he nor ANYONE will benefit from living this way. let me ask how do you find these relationships being harmonius? ive seen gays beat each other worse than a woman suffering domestic abuse. and please lets not talk about promiscuity and disease...please. so far as 2 people of the same sex having harmonius relationships- umm thats kinda relative what makes you be at peace with you partner? that the bills are paid? i mean how many hetero relations arent at impasses due to circumstances gays may NEVER face... its unfair to argue from this perpective. but i will tell you this, the rise of homosexuality believe it or not affects the divorce rate(this figure doesnt affect me however marriage is a state thing)and im sure u know how. plus we cant even really talk about divorce rates or adultery in the gay community for various reasons-and not cuz gays just get along with each other SO much better than heteros... "Haven't observed self imposed limitations? From my own point of view that would seem to be a good thing..." if you think thats a good thing read again...try to understand what im saying. dont argue. listen. being unaware of yourself and why you are the way you are is NOT a good thing. in fact this comment(chest beating etc)illustrates my point fairly well...something is wrong with the outside world- so you dont have to deal with whats wrong with draw a comparisson you dont really understand, and probably havent truly learned acceptance yet-so you rebel... and homosexuality is a manifestation of that rebellion. (generalization) i bet u still cant tell me why this is beneficial for you (i take it your gay?)... i take a little offense to this effeminancy comment of you dont know me that well...SO in touch with my masuline/feminine qualites...pfff-no qualms man. lol all my friends IMO are girly dudes. actually the modern man is effeminate in general if u ask me(some of these wars are a way for these girly men to re-assure to themselves they are men)...many haircuts, shoes, shopping,manicure/pedicure...gotta look good to get the girl.same way the girls feel no? the clubbing lifestlye, which goes back to the unchecked fullfillment of desires... so to be honest you need to re-assess. ive thought about this and discussed openly with people that were gay- some today, aren't and the main reason, they could not see the REAL benefit in it. my actual problem is with folks (like least right now) who try to paint this as a progressive,normal,acceptable,beneficial and worse yet NATURAL way of life. not at all with femness... also i never attributed these societal issues of under-development and instant gratification solely to the gay community, merely stated this as being a problem they face- shit we all do, however the homosex community i believe succumbs more readily. it is never my intention to offend. -Ali
  3. I wana be blunt and ask a question?

    pffff speak for yourself, im JACKED...kidding(definetly not even a begginner)
  4. I wana be blunt and ask a question?

    to be honest-id have to temper my response. which would take some time, and i would not like to do because i dont want to provide a false representation of myself-im pretty straight up and not very PC. BUT i do want everyone to feel respected and loved. Also they are pretty much touched upon in my last response. im sure you can do some inference... I didnt throw procreation in there, but to me thats just where one should BEGIN to look at it (or anything)from- nature. as for the color;I like the color pink, always have... especially red hot pink. I DID think it may be hard to read. other than for that...saw no reason not to?i dunno... may i ask why u ask? how do you feel about teal? -Ali
  5. I wana be blunt and ask a question?

    ...yes the acumen...which is why one must wait till things develop before proceeding with...the following; i believe this is a problem...this 'desire incarnate'- i agree tho(not in all cases, some of it is jus trends and the changing relation between men and women, some really are physical/biochemical anomalies). particularly why i have problems with homo/bi sexuality. its an indicator that something is out of control in the system, usually physical desires...homosexuality jus causes a ruckus in my brain. ...this is difficult...see i know alot of gays, growin up in NYC and all, even lived with one as a child( family friend). so i love them as individuals...however i have a definite problem with that lifestyle and its propagation- the culture if u will. its almost as if they havent observed the self imposed limitations, merely so that they can also disregard a self development issue which (unless we're talkin about the biochemical/physical anomalies) is all i see Homosexuality being... so i dont agree anyone raising a fist or hurling an insult...but i must say im a bit insulted and injured by the parades, and the unacceptable accepted flambouyancy that is throwing things out of balance. it shows me the material world where instant gratification is a must is winning. but its not CAN NOT. we were created as complementary/supplementary beings for one another in more ways than jus the physical lock and key analogy. so like i said earlier its jus an indication of laziness and rampant unchecked desires in a system(s). sorry Mewtwo...straight... luh ya man! -Ali
  6. Hello everyone!

    Strangely enough...I think KAP might be the way to go. those folks gimme a good vibe. let me ask though brother, how do you have a master/student relationship with the distance thing(escuse the intrusion)? this is actually one of my major concerns in general. really is the only way for this to work me jumping on a plane to see X individual? dont misunderstand me, ideally thats what i would like to do anyway, realistically, however its a greater problem("I'm broke son! I'm broke!"). Inshallah I can catch the Edinburgh KAP seminar in 2011. Thanks for the reading suggestion.looking into it now. real,REAL good stuff thanks again. since youve done the KAP let me ask (ive already read preparation description so maybe its overkill here)did u have to abstain from intercourse prior/after training to reap the benefits of KAP? do you continue with KAP? im sorry as i probably should read your 'journey with KAP' (which i will) first and probably direct some of these question to the KAP folks. but i do appreciate your time...thanks! -Ali
  7. Hello everyone!

    Thanks guys! yes, I actually think i will be looking into this XSZ ive been reading so much about... would you guys suggest this as a good set of exercises for a begginer? I mean its strange but the more I look at some of the forms/positions in many of these different practices- I realize ive done some of them before of my own accord/intuition. I would like to have my "machine" more tuned. i will continue to look around for the next few days or so before beggining a steady practice. however im so fresh im still learning new terminology,etc here, and contrasting and fitting new information w/ previous knowledge. so if anyone has any suggestions from personal experience or just wants to drop their 2 cents in, it would be much appreciated. I mean so many masters,schools, practices-all new to me. where to really start? and thanks Song + Mal for the welcome! -Ali
  8. Hello everyone!

    Salam all!, My name is Ali, 24/m currently in Budapest...and it is a pleasure to be here with you all! ive been browsing around, reading some posts here for a couple of weeks and despite my bad luck with forums; decided to join up as it seems you guys are really doing what a forum should do...exchanging knowledge. so Far as training and things of this nature; i have never been formally taught ANY practice/tech, and the little I do know and practice comes from internal messages, intuition and observation-gifts from the Creator that ive learned to accept if you will. I am a very spiritual person, I truly feel we are all interconnected and cultivating said connection is one of the methods i use for self-development/enhancement...(ex;you fall scrape your knee, i help you up,treat your wound-we've BOTH benefitted. and vice versa). ive come here because, i seek some assistance(as per the example above: also to provide what assistance i can-little as it may be) progress seems to be at a standstill. and i seem to be having a hard time connecting with that source that has been providing me with the little knowledge i can pull from.(i think this is due to the new confines of 'work' which ive tried to steer clear of) so to supplement/jumpstart...grow-whatever u wanna call it, i find myself here, hoping the exchange of ideas will stimulate this. honestly as well im looking for a discipline to assign myself to as one of the things i feel i lack is a daily (or at least) weekly regimen. I've been working on well i dunno, but lets say stregthening my intention/will to help me manifest things in "reality"...weird now that i see it written- but thats pretty much my bag...that i wanna put some things in. I have much to learn, and am very willing. if any of you guys feel you want to CONNECT with me - then MOST DEFINETLY i want to CONNECT with you... all the ripples we make in the water-changes the pond. no? - Ali
  9. forgive me, i have just read about your son, i truly sympathize.before asking for anything, i would like to offer my condolonces. ive recently become a father, and truly as i sit in my cubicle my eyes well with tears at the thought of the pain one must find themselves in after what youve suffered (hypersens). again forgive the rudeness...i wish you and your loved ones all the best.

  10. Hello brother!

    there are no coincidences.ive read a few of your posts- and brother they are truly inspring to me, i havent learned from a master in the traditional sense- only from myself, i know very little because of this,ha. im wondering if there is a possibilty we can communicate a bit further. i believe in reciprocity possibly we can assist each other in our development.i am in ne...