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  1. What happens when "Jing" flys everywhere ?

    Exactly why I posted up the thought. Thanks
  2. What happens when "Jing" flys everywhere ?

    LOL After looking at this question, I realize that masturbation is not a bad thing. It's just different to choose not to. I have a friend how smokes and wacks, rinse and repeat. Seems like this behavior is going to doom him into depression. Trying to seek a way to wake him up. Thanks, for the replies. I'm going back to my studies
  3. Hey Bums, Please share your thoughts. I'm curious There has never been a point in history in which the common man can masturbate with such vigor. The invention of the internet allows people to really drain ones Jing (sexual energy) completely. I'm new to this energy but have quickly come to know the existence and the effect. I was med.high last night and thought what happens when a society throws away their Jing? How does the society behave ? How does the individual feel ? Is this proper Taoist thought? Namaste, Griff
  4. My Developing Practice

    Thanks for the replies. Being sent to the "lab" sounds cool. Wonderful how we can modify and improve ourselves I wouldn't go as far to say I'm Buddhist, only in vocabulary. More like a wanderer looking to satisfy my inner self. As far a the distance from friends.... it is a good thing. They drink and party to much for me to be around. Age : 28 Health Condition : Excellent, little bit of back pain Breakfast: 4 out of 7 are oatmeal ( 50% sugary packets 50% old school and raisins / cranberrys, ect ) Other possibilities : milk and cereal, eggs, pancakes Lunch : 2/7 are tuna sandwiches 2/7 are roast beef or turkey sandwiches sometimes a make vegtable and fruit smoothies to go with my luch at work Other possibilities : hamburger, noodles, pizza, salad, dinner left overs Dinner : 4/7 are rice and vegetables, sometimes with chicken Other possibilities : Turkey and Temphe tocas / chili / spaghetti , egg rolls, sushi, wontons. I try to eat consciously, but if out with friends for lunch, I wont pass up the Americana food. I'm prepared to be more diligent but want a good reason to do so. Other : Weekly use of Marijuana, typically while I clean or work on the house. I have rules I follow when smoking, never watch TV, never let laziness interrupt my practice and take long breaks off pot as deemed necessary , usually 1-3 months twice a year. I also have an occasional beer, maybe once a week, 3 max. I think I have final built up enough knowledge to say no to getting drunk. It was an uphill battle. Time Commitment : 15-45 min morning meditation 15-45 min night meditation 1 hour daily exercise ( noon yoga is a class i host at my work, that has to stay ) 30min-1 hour study time I bought a house in Detroit and there is always work to do on it. It would be be nice to fit this into my practice somehow. Goals : Short term, I want to raise my energy level , feel so tired sometimes. I want to be productive with my house and other projects. I want to obtain a healthy, active, and spiritual relationship. I want to reduce the occasional flares of depression. Long term is a bit unknown, I want to provide a retirement plan for my Mom. I want to watch out for my emotionally challenged Sister. i think I want to have kids. I also aspire to help our society or fix the politics, but attribute this to the ego and I don't encourage the thoughts. I would like to experience something mystical and know i have found my path. There was a ton of "wants" .... not very Buddhist I'm motivated and determined. Thanks for your time, Griff
  5. My Developing Practice

    Greetings Sangha I want a place to develop my practice schedule, no need for my own section, I don't have that much to say ( cool forum feature BTW ). Here is my practice and exercises. Please feel free to recommend changes: Daily : ** Male Deer Exercise when I have morning wood =-) Twice daily was to much, my nuts started to hurt Semen retention ( but will not beat myself up when I slip up ) ** 15min full spectrum light box therapy ** I have a hardcore case of S.A.D. ( Irish are very prone to this ) ** 15min morning meditation ** Left half lotus ** Clear mind practice ( would like to do some type of visualization exercise ) ** 15min night meditation ** Right half lotus ** Clear mind practice ** Urination ** Stop flow exercise ** 30min - 1 hour spiritual study time ( considering Vajrayana Buddhism ) Monday : ** Noon Basic Yoga ( Rodney Yee and Steve Ross videos ) Tuesday : ** Lift Weights , no creatine, whey powder protein ** 1 hour Tai Chi Practice ( Just starting to learn, BIG thanks to Darin ) ** Wednesday : ** Noon Basic Yoga Thursday : ** Lift Weights ** 1 hour Tai Chi Practice Friday : ** Noon Basic Yoga Saturday : ** 1 hour Tai Chi Practice Sunday : ** 1 hour Zen Center silent group meditation Future Additions : ** Deification .... ( is there a practice I can do with this ?? ) ** Physical Meditation ( something I can do while working on my house ) ** Public Meditation ( something I can do to develop compassion for strangers ) ** Working with stress ( something I can do when I feel stressed or depressed at work ) ** Sex Practice ( single now..... but want to start the research ) ** Tanning Bed ( Maybe I can make some energy here... or maybe I will lose some... TBD ) Taking this route doesn't seem optional and I find I relate less to my friends now, turning into a hermit ( which I'm enjoying). It is so nice to find like minded beings. I always remind myself that humanity gains knowledge as a group sub-consciously. I'm not alone on this difficult path and my struggles contribute to the fundamental knowledge we all share. Keep the mind of a Warrior. Namaste, Griff
  6. Hello From Detroit

    Hi, already said hi in another post ( I miss spelled my user name, had to cancel and try again ) I think the forum will allow me to post else where after I do an initial intro thread. Once again, really liking the site. I think I will find the peices to my puzzle here Peace, Griff
  7. is under flouresent light