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  1. Farewell I leave Forum.

  2. God told me I was an accident.

    If it is what it is you will get a short comment and then you will expirience as verification and learn from that and less questions.
  3. Dr Yan Xin

    Yes Soaring, take important notice on Energy Secret as it has the Child Longevity Qigong! Look for Adam West post.
  4. Dr Yan Xin
  5. Why Does Tai Ji Starts with Slow Motion?

    Well.... beside slow motion breathing and breath coordination there exist the forceful fast breathing behind each teachique which can be exercised after have correct access to the full volume of breath. A true full breath can not stack if one want to release and intake the whole. Slow coordinate breathing also can be "fragmented" even if one has a big lung volume.... reducing the effectivness..... with breath in and out 50ml while having a lung volume of 3L which slowly decay the lung volume and having a lack of breath while having the potential. In breath coordination with movement there is a stronger awareness on breath which extend the breath beyond the "standard breathing" ... which occure if one is not aware about it and other observe ones breathing rhythm. It is easier to correct it in slow motion natural and extend and connect the parts in a safer manner and strengthen the body and respiratory system before doing forceful breathing with fast movement, which actually is teached in other martial arts who exercise with producing sound which comes natural by strong exhale. Well... at times in the past one has to teach weak and old Royality Tai Chi for health and these people sure are not so fit , strong or flexible like the Elite Soldier serving under them and as well not having good balance which I read in the past lead to remove of high kicks and flying kicks and deeper stance and longer stance in the Yang Stile. Remember when the 24 Yang Form has only one kick while the Old Yang Lu Chan still has more in common with Chen Style. Back to breathing is that each hand form and even Shou Yin or mudras do affect the breathing by fragmentation or not .... It is to be warned not to exercise the direct methods of slow breathing defragmentation alone as it leads to a state where the defragmentation happens when one breath slowly but it hinders and weakens when one need to use impulse and explosiv breathing when there is a need of hurry and the inpulsive breathing hasnt been exercised. The other part is whenever breathing space is opened and regain .... hydration is to be done as more parts become more active and so ask for fluid.
  6. One of thing each lineagesystem depends is the individual. While the healing occur all the time the cure depends on the practitioners depth of practise he has and his talent. The Stillnessmovemt sharpens the intuition, the listening and the choice that leads to solve a problem and the healing beside of projection, intent and sick qi discarding is about also raising the energy body of the person it was used on or those who are around such practitioner. So he stop doing stuff which lead to the problem which is banal stuff like stopping eating certain food without knowing,changing a job or something else or do some strange "accidents". Stillnessmovement does not interfere with peoples higher choices; plans that were made before this incarnation. And sometimes problems are not always a problem but the tool for the individual to find a solution to it or as example for someone other to find a solution. By loosing or restriction the individual has to tune into finding tools to compensate them, as blind rely on the other 4 physical senses and getting stronger and more aware than other people. Such is as I have listen before starting Stillnessmovement Qigong because of my Chronic Fatique. It increased strongly with this lineage. It let me find techniques to increase breath, eyes, movement and structure beyond written and oral teachings and trancending original teachings to unseen application but I still havent see the end of refinement to a certain degree to present it to the world as it moves like a spiral. It goes round and round but bigger and bigger. Stillnessmovement Qigong is therefore in my eyes helping in finding the answer in the field one wants to solve which again depends on ones own talent. It it is to be a full time medical qigong practitioner and the person is having the latent talents to give strong projection, strong listening for cure (which Edgar Cayce was) then wonders can happend if it is allowed and accepted. But how often such talents occur? Everyone can run as healing is natural but how many can run fast and has stamina to be part of olympics and put hard work and talent to being world class? So practitioner in every Qigong has only a limited amount of people who can do awesome stuff beyond awesome stuff. To find these people depends on luck as some are quietly doing this awesome stuff even in the lineage and are unnoticed as fame, show off and exposure isnt their style or they practise a very unspectaculary lineage but this gives a individual the right stimulation for unfolding the awesomeness by guidance of heaven and hell but those who seek for coryphaeus are seeking those who have rank and puplic recognition. There is a saying "That one seek one not find -as one is filtering everything out which is not in the expectation, even if it is right in front of ones nose"
  7. Teach for free? You can all go.....

    Put money and get off the free loaders and attention seekers. Those who are sincere to pay big amount you can send back the money after you receive it, or take a part ,especially those who dont have anything. Those who not lose can not gain. Especially charge those, who you spend time to teach and they not study and exercise them and consume. Call it study fee, if they are doing good you can pay back with free stuff or money back. See how their hearts are.
  8. It depends on your development. Chinese hours are actually 2hours. So practise is 2 chinese hours which is four hours. Actually you have build so much Qi you sit on that + arms start to float. If after that standing time you get tired and stiff out then it is only willpower and disciplined body which will pay back some day for the torture. It also happen to sitting meditation or using sitting posture where one fight to sit straight and hold the posture. This is why Wu Chi is starting first to stand errect by natural like stacking the components. To deepen this is to sit. Then if one archive it to max out the torso rising and then go back to natural standing with starting using arm posture. When one is ready for horse stance one is errect when one go down to 90° without having an impulse pushing one bending forward but upward. If one not follow this one has to fight the bending forward by standing straight which is again use of effort which is hindering ones progress to rely on Qi than on Li. Whenever one start to compete with others how long one can stand then one lost and add to the accumulation of stress response to the practise. Doing a little every day regular and after long time increase time one gain stable foundation. Haste kills the progress and becomes hinderance. A teacher is a different thing, if can help you with Qigong and increase it while you stand.
  9. Sorting out the different Qi

  10. It works but the energy has to flow, when it acts like a dead mass then it is like ball on water you push into water. The energy has to flow and spread through the body.
  11. Mike 134 told the right thing. But can you move what is stuck in the head kudos100? When the healer put energy into your head then it is wrong, as powerful as he is you said he should have disperse it or pull it out.
  12. You might do not take the possibility but the phenomenom is bound to the wish by removing the issue. When a goal is strongly wished then a special trial will be given to give you the lecture to reach your goal. You will run into things to solve it and each part is only one piece of puzzle solving things around the problem itself. Even if you want to change it, when the task it not solved it wont go away. Healers can not interfere with lesson. Later reflection on it will have impact later on understanding what is now learned.
  13. How you know it is from EFT tapping?
  14. All path can lead away from source. All path have different distance to reach the source. You can die on the path without ever reach the source.
  15. Looking for a teacher

    To have a torn dantien you need first to have a cultivated one. The three dantien existing in every human as "wild fields" and in Qigong one can exercise without cultivating a dantien. It develops when one spend much effective time on one Qi naturally for this Qi. In a cultivated dantien you have the dantien like a field with a specific crop which follow rules of the school one follow and is given arcording to the ethics the teacher believe to deserve one. In some schools it can torn but not in every school because of the type of energy. Dont ask me more, I know only that much. So dont worry, people who have torn dantien have their teacher scolding them, the rest is overconcentration or abuse of sexual practise or nocebo effect or physical problems.
  16. "It's not reiki but..."

    I have input and was question "Ling Qi" again, which I found here Taken from link above: "The third type: ling qi (supramundane essence), also known as ling shen (supramundane spirit) is the subtlest of all human energies. The cultivation of ling qi should only ever commence after the amalgamation of xian tian qi and hou tian qi has been suitably refined and converted into shen (primordial essence). When all the dan tiens - energy centres which store and generate qi in the body - are suitably activated whereby the primordial essence (water qi) from the lower dan tien links up with the temporal energy (fire qi) at the middle dan tien to energise the spirit (shen) at the upper dan tien to produce an energy of pure radiance, a process known as ‘three flowers congregating at the apex’ will eventually occur, leading to the energisation of the mystical pass - a point of being at which the duality of thought ceases to matter, the influences of the material realm dissipate, and the cognition of the ultimate truth begins to emerge. The attainment of this pure, ultra subtlest ling qi - often referred to as an embryo of the supramundane path - heralds the commencement of the higher practice of True Awakening which includes the developing of skill in thought transference which conveys one’s consciousness beyond the limitation of time, space and matter, even beyond the degeneration of body at death." One has to remember that there is influence from Longmenpai. Also this is what Michael Lomax says : "The Teacher energetically works with each student to give them a “spark” or initialization of the dan tian with Lineage oriented Heavenly vibrations. The student then goes home and works with this on his own. As the student does his homework the energy there gets denser and denser, glowing brighter and brighter. SEERS see this as once the energy gets to a specific density and vibration, it rises up through the body, opening each energy center in a natural non-traumatic and safe manner. Note this differs significantly from any type of forced method. Once the energy does that it pops out of the top of the head and connects us with Tao (source, Heaven, any number of words utilized in different explanations). When we reach this point we then learn to “dance in the Wu Wei”. I call this process “Listening”… " quote from (should I mention you or not, since you not include it in the forum) There is acutally one teacher who can back up and elaborate this: BaoLin Wu, one of the Lineageholders from Longmenpai. In both his puplished books about "Qigong for Total Wellness" and his book about Feng Shui "Lighting the Eye of the Dragon" he speaks about "Ling" and the Modell he has fit the saying of what Stillness Movement Lineage Holder Michael Lomax said. The elaboration about "why" it happend as above : The modell speak of seperation of the Ling with having two parts: one in heaven and one on earth when having birth. By bringing the two half together one "connects with universal information" and this is something where "Listening" comes into play. This information is better understood by reading the Feng Shui Book by Baolin Wu which includes some exercise to "read" the Qi of the Enviroment and the key to understand is to be able to project Ling outside of the body to communicate with it. One piece of important information is about the body's role to be "firmly connected" with one own Ling Qi to find Wisdom and guidance. The special is then Stillnessmovement Qigong unify this part by only doing actually only one exercise: The Jing Dong Gong of this lineage. Because of the transmission Xian Tian and Hou Tian is passed and directly cultivates Ling Qi. Then the Ling Qi in chinese and the Reiki with the same word is not same type. By lately able to discern the various schools Qi in my body (yuck, dont cultivate so many types and get healings from different schools and persons). The Ling is do the connection as Michael Lomax said when I tune into it. The Reiki is something which centers itself in the head and cause a raise of awarness. I am only wondering why in humans Ling seem to be very densed while in animals and plants they are filling their bodies and surround while flowing in and out it while dead bodies have it at least inside covering fully the body. It need so a condition of Ziran (naturalness as it is in wild animals) and Wu Wei (which our mind is differing us from trees, stones and animals and as I assume interfering). Without getting contact and linking with the other half one can not know ones destiny and become a Zhen Ren (true human) because of incompleteness. Becoming complete is actually true healing. So this is how I understand Stillnessmovement being a High Level Qigong, High Level Energetics with minimum input but maximum out (which I personally as I am not so bright only then understand the words in the "A Light Warrior's Guide to High Level Energy Healing" book with the thoughts : "He said it before and its so plain and simple that I dont grasp the meaning, knowing but difficult to comprehend because of the advance cultivation level he already is and actually I am lucky that he not speaks in poems as the ancient teachers about flowes and rivers"
  17. restoring eye sight

    This is a difficult topic. One of thing is eyes and muscle tension in the body can influence each other. Bates is a topic one has to go to the original ideas. Nowaday people using palming without knowing what to do exactly. The other problem is the use of artifical light and the screen which is stressing the eyes. A good thing to use is yellow glasses to filter the blue after 21:00 when the Melatonin starts to rise, I find that the sight is less blurry if I do use, as well no metal frame as it seem affect the brain it reduce also sleepyness and gives deeper sleep but : do not eat heavy meals, I expirience awful digestion. Next is about sunlight. One like to expose to it and relax eyes and face and close the eyes and not press and tight the eyes as normaly people do. Try to look more near to the sun. Naturally the eyes are close to a certain degree. Doing palming arcording Bates work best after the sun which one have to see for the comfortable level. Another thing is in Qigong Methods. I found Wu's Eye Qigong being a good method. Follow Ya Mu's advice there is a personal temporary variation I found with time of practise is if you can feel the eyes radiance. The eyes emit Qi and people with Myopia (I do have slightly, would be good if I stop going late to bed) do have short distance. One put the hands in the distance "on" the eye ray It is the same play as if one do with a Qi Ball but taking the Qi of the hands to the skin, (because your own hand fields emits a own field which would give a higher range but one seek in inches and cm. And when one found the distance where it the eye "rays" stop on put this hand on the eye ray. From this one move back and forth but stop to hold the qi at the skin of the palm to let the qi flow naturally Move forward as far you can feel the repulsion and connection and go back while try to feel the tension and then relax the eyes in the process. Initally its only some half inches or a wobble. Try to enlarge the distance over time, at time one feel the eyefield "stiff" "unmoveable", try also to feel the quality. If its sticky, cloudy or feel else uncomfortable one has to draw the "Sick Qi" out. It is you dont want cloud your vision and decision by looking through Sick Qi or emit it by looking on something, which is I doubt with short sight vision.... but well others are looking into your eyes with normal sight. I expirience it works best before sleep and I wake up with less tension in the eyes, also I see more clear It is to mention this only a temporary method for a time being until one has reach a arm length then one switch back to normal formular as it does not matter what distance and best without observing but just doing it as it original was given.
  18. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    Oh yes that is when one learn things in this art the "wrong" is stacking over time and cause problems, acutally things are subtle but need time to be become obvious.
  19. Good to hear you are fine now thanks to a good student you pass on the teachings. You tend to overwork in whatever you do, like its teaching, healing or working, take care of yourself and don't overdo it. I know it is very difficult when one is in the Qi (everthing seem possible and easy), people around me also have to tell me to stop.
  20. Breaking by lifing 4kg concrete block.... not 40kg?
  21. How to move sexual energy throughout body?

    It was advised to take everything said taken with salt as well to consider a teacher with a traceable lineage. Things presented are consideration and relative possibility and pointers for ones own common sense and understanding. Even someone said the truth the one who get this information can do it wrong.
  22. and he continued: "as I have archieved true emptiness"