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    The "theory" as i understand it is.. repeating numbers have to do with your beliefs about what the numbers mean to you and the numerology and sacred geometry behind it. Are you in conscious communication with your "spirit guides"? This is one way spirits guides can communicate with you. I've only met my guide once. Less than one earth orbit ago. And now im doing energy work to strengthen the connection. Which is why im here. For me, repeating numbers mean synchronicity, your on the right track, or something similar- and I see 11:11 most often. Not just on clocks either, which can be too much of a "coincidence" as people say. Its too easy to say your just looking for 11:11 on the clock. Which is true. For example, I just started taking an energy cultivation/kundalini training. My first day at class (during class actually), I noticed the number 1111. This happens often and can be a coincidence, no doubt. However the 1111 wasn't on a clock or some random number I was looking at. It was my brand new business i just started last month that made me $1,111 that day. Yeah, my income stopped at $1,111 DURING my very first energy cultivation/kundalini class- pretty cool. And I just started doing $1,000 a day very recently, so I increased my income just in time, hehe.. With clocks there will always be repeating numbers... But making an income of $1,111 is a bit different IMO. Especially since I'm not used to this kind of money. I also see a lot of repeating numbers in my business, other than the money I make, so maybe I am in the right business! Even if im "wrong", I dont care! I'm happy, following my passions, doing energy work, and my brand new business made $1,111 in one day! Time to ramp it up 10x's that My beliefs are working for me!! Here's what I mean by repeating numbers: What you see there is only some of the 11.11's. If I post them all I'd have to edit out more information for privacy Even my TaoBums profile is showing me repeating numbers!!! 111's 555's.. (I didn't sign up at 5:55am, that's just the time setting it happened to be on when I signed up) I didn't always see repeating numbers like this, but now i see them all day and they pop up everywhere! Anyways, this is just part of the theory and my personal experience of it. And I continue to have positive synchronicity in my life, so that's what matters to me.
  2. HEY ALL, Found my way here by way of searching for kundalini information. Glad I ended up here Lots of good information and experiences. And lots of different views, perspectives, and belief systems here to learn from. I've never done energy cultivation practice or had any interest in it, but the time has come! I've done some meditation before and have "felt" energy during meditation. And now I'd like to experience more energy. And kundalini energy. Thanks all for making this a great site !