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  1. Interview with Chunyi Lin of Spring Forest Qigong

    That settles that one once again. This is exactly what my qigong teacher used to say. "Let it happen naturally, the qigong movements take care of themselves". : ) Great interview Sean, covered some really interesting questions.
  2. standing meditation and full lotus meditation

    Hey dude, Telekinesis seems to be something you're pretty excited about. But, focusing on things like that will actually cause you to block your progress. Let me explain; these things are really manifestations of Kung Fu that happen along the way, and it's pretty different for everyone as to what happens in what order. They are the result of realisation of what you are beyond your previous beliefs and sense of self. But if you cling to them, then you get caught up in another version of a sense of self again and boosh, you're back in stagnation. Best bet really chap is to forget about all that stuff and just do good holistic development, and the results will flow through in good time. Classical TaiJi; Qigong and Meditation with some Yoga and a good diet will bring results eventually. Interesting thing is though, if you look throughout history, the ones most accomplished and with most 'powers'; were the ones least bothered whether they had them or not, because their sense of separation; ego and self had been eradicated. all best wishes chap : ))))
  3. By the way, for those who want confirmation of what I'm saying, just check out 25 doors to Samadhi. Or you could even just check out his blog and see what he has to say about Yoga for instance. Yoga after all is a form of moving meditation. : ))))
  4. Hey peeps, Just thought I'd add, Bill Bodri seems to be misunderstood quite frequently on the issue of Qigong. I learnt Classical self-manifesting qigong from a chap who lived and trained with a Grandmaster for 3 years, this Grandmaster was originally a monk of Wudang for much of his life; a temple protection monk and set to be a high abbot before his time there was disrupted by the communist revolution. In short, I'm lucky to have gotten this info from a reliable source. One major point always raised by my teacher was that one should not force qi around, but let things happen naturally. Just perform the self-manifesting movements, that in short periods of time help the qi to do everything it needs to naturally. Forcing it just blocks the natural flow of Tao. This is Bill's meaning by one should not try and spin qi etc. He is only talking about how one can cause illness and blockages through trying to force development using conscious volition. I recently heard of one person who focused on his dantien and heart chakra solidly for a few months, leaving his hands over them throughout the day. It caused serious heart problems, fluid build up etc. If you look at this rationally, it just makes sense. We cannot fathom the unlimited functions of nature with our concious thought processes. So we're better off leaving that to the subconscious whilst doing our practices. Bill Bodri never says moving meditation is bad, in fact he emphasizes that it's important for most. That one who wants rapid progress generally needs both moving and still meditation. But advises quite rightly that to try and force things causes disruption of the natural flow of qi. "The Master leads by emptying people's minds, and filling their cores, by weakening their ambition, and toughening their resolve. He helps people lose everything they know, everything they desire, and creates confusion in those who think they know. Practise not-doing, and everything will fall in to place." Tao Te Ching verse 3 (Translation by Stephen Mitchell) "Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises all by itself." Tao Te Ching verse 15 (Translation by Stephen Mitchell) Keep rockin you lot!!! : ))))
  5. Asking a girl out at yoga class....

    cool story dude, just another good example of why observing things directly is the only way to handle any given situation. Sometimes phenomena arises and we think we're correct in our judgement, based on pre-conceived ideas, so until we actually look at it, we wander around in confusion. I've had a few experiences like that, I found if I let thought settle through calming meditation, then look at the root cause of feeling, and the root nature of body and mind, once free of an erroneous sense of self, the other persons grasping or feelings don't affect me deeply any more. Because of the realisation that all beings that erroneously believe in separate self are bound to feel and act with clinging and aversion being their agenda. So then "I" just feel like helping them if possible. There's clear awareness of feeling, but it's not disturbing. : ))) You obviously are doing well dissolving the illusion of separation, otherwise you'd still feel separate from others, and that's obviously changed. Have you always been this sensitive with others feelings? Or is it something that has developed through your practice?
  6. Asking a girl out at yoga class....

    Just to re-iterate what everyone's said about keeping it light to begin with; approach any woman with a sense of you choosing, not fear of what they'll think. One thing I realised before I met my latest lady, (who is also my favouritest - 2 and 1/2 yrs now : )) - was that to be happy in a relationship you have to enough respect for yourself to know that you're not gonna go with just anyone, and that therefore, you want to be friends first to find out if they're right for you, that's the only way to be cool and be yourself. You may look at some girl and soon as feel like your gonna have a testicular fit, but she could be a mass murderer on the quiet ... that might not be what you're looking for. Of course you've gotta bring something to the table too, you get what you give. : ) This rule also applies (but not quite so strictly), if you're looking to just have some casual fun. In which case, honesty is the best policy, just be honest about what you want, any girl who wants the same will likely like it if you just outright say, rather than try to be some swave manipulator. Even if a few no's lead to 1 yes. And of course cover up, cos you never know : ) BTW discernment is still important here, you don't want to find out too late that she's actually a man or has a boyfriend or whatever. Ah, wish I'd learnt this stuff back in my late teens, would have been much more interesting times, perhaps if we have to re-incarnate, you can be the one to point this out to me early ... deal?. Hope it helps : )
  7. Request For Advice

    Hey Alexander, You've had some great and varied advice on the forum, I've read through most of it, and there is only one thing I thought you would benefit from having re-iterated. The first response you had about "grounding" from Stigweird ... probably one of the most vital!! I created a state of psychosis in myself when indulging in drugs and thinking too much at almost exactly the same age as you - I was 17, and I lost 2 years of my life to hallucinations. Grounding is what saved me from a grossly unsettled mind. Now, don't get me wrong, I know that many drugs aren't bad or good, it's a contextual to the personality. Let me ask you something, for everything you have read and understood intellectually, what have you sat down in meditation to actually experience directly? For instance if you've read in a book that you are interdependent and empty of an inherent existence ... have you looked to see for yourself directly. When I say this I mean, not thought about if you are, because you can think ... I am made of water, air, fire etc, but this doesn't create anything but more ideas. The point is to feel and know if those elements are in the body directly, to look at it all directly and know it. Don't even trust the scientists and school teachers, notice for yourself. This is why for someone like you the first stage is vital, be it done by counting breaths, mantra, whatever basic practice. It will allow you to slowly but surely let the pre-conceptions bustling around your mind come to a gentle halt and allow the sub-concious to digest it. Once you are at a stage in meditation (perhaps at least 20 mins a day), where you're mind is very still - and I mean naturally, not forced - you will have the clarity to observe the powerful teachings you're reading about directly. The first stages of meditation are kind of like cleaning your microscope for intense study. You cannot see clearly through a dirty lense. Even the most profound teachings will not help a person who does not experience them directly. Exercise like Tai Chi or Yoga etc is a good way to smooth out energy and thought processes (which are interdependent) too for some, but it depends on the individual as to what is most effective. I always say a bit of both meditation and a wholesome, holistic lifestyle is usually most ideal. Not to mention living a life according to good morals - this will happen naturally the more you understand your nature. Direct experience of our true nature is the one and only path to complete realisation. I know that sounds straight forward, but it's often missed these days. This is why Shakyamuni Buddha always said to students "Do not believe my words, the raft is not the shore". This is the true meaning of his statement. Or you can look at Bruce Lee's use of an old sutra - "It's like a finger pointing away to the moon (smack) - don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory" I love that scene. The sense of separation is probably happening because of the wall of thought you are carrying. Thought is part of the process with which we define and separate things, words will never get you the answer, only realisation. Best of luck on your study, you are doing great : )
  8. Individuality and the Tao

    Hey dude!!! I am a musician and long time practitioner too so I know where you're coming from. 1st of all, a great book you definitely should read to get a deep understanding here is "drumming the spirit to life"; by Russell Buddy Helm. This man is one of few that helps convey the meditative path that lies in being a musician. T(d)oism is really just a word to describe something wordless. It's funny really when you think about it. So the point is, just because I'm a Taoist/Buddhist, or whatever, doesn't mean I don't ever say anything. Saying something is sometimes necessary to help another in the path of realisation. Music is a form of language, a play of form only. It's a pointer, or a sign to an experience. That is why we can feel the story in a song. Just as we do a poem or piece of art. Chap, if you meditate regularly, and realise your ultimate nature through direct experience of it, these kinds of questions will answer themselves, because you already have all the wisdom waiting in the unlimited nature we all share as our true root or nature (words eh?, they just don't quite cut it : )). For now though, in case you don't go and get started on meditating yourself, keep in mind that individuality is actually irrelevant at the deepest level. It doesn't really exist at all apart from our interdependent experience of it; it is a projection by the mind, that we experience. Look at it yourself. Can the seemingly separate experience exist without the mind to perceive it? What happens when you dream? Looks and feels real doesn't it? Is it real? Words again : / Scientists are proving that matter itself is inherently interdependent on something to perceive it as matter, through examining the deepest elements they've found like quarks etc. Einstein had this understanding pegged as a theory years ago. He's worth checking out aswell. If you want advice on direct exercises you can do to see this stuff for yourself directly, let me know. There are some great teachers and books, but there's also a lot of vague re-hashed stuff out there. I don't want to talk too much on this so I'll leave it to you to further experience - personal experience being the most important, you can't swim by reading a book about it. "The way cannot be put in to words". So moving on, as individuality is a misconception; everything we live is more like a ride or dream than a individual experience. SO, even these words, and 'you' reading them. So what if it's not real!! The point is, is it useful? Does the communication help wake you up out of misconception/suffering or harm you? That's what's important. A great quote by the Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) on this is - "Only speak if speaking improves on silence" Sometimes sharing your honest story can help another to realise something important in themselves. Like how to be honest themselves, or they may see a virtuous principle hidden in your words. This is why integrity in musical sharing is a powerful force for positive cultural change, especially for someone like you, who is walking the path of realisation and communication all at once. That can really make a difference. When I grew up, I went through a lot of physical and emotional abuse. Good healthy honest music is what gave me the strength to not kill myself for fear of waking up to another day of suffering. It can be that powerful. Someone mentioned Jimi (Hendrix) earlier. I recommend you check out some of his interviews and you'll see he felt the same way. He is still revered for his great work. Why? A number of reasons, too long to include here. I am not advocating we all as musicians need to copy him and take up acid or anything like he did ... ... I didn't need to to get a realisation of all this stuff. I'll go more in to my past some other time. Walk your path bro. Be honest and get a personal taste of these wonderful teachings we've been blessed with by hard working dedicated spiritual practitioners; musicians, poets, artists, comedians, speakers, teachers etc that actually cared. Because they knew we're all one mind, some didn't but still shared virtuous principles like integrity and insight, which can be life changing for some. Blessings chap, I hope that clears it up for you, but feel free to ask me any questions you have on it bro : )))) Phew ... longest post yet ... hahahaa
  9. Hey there, About 7 years training in Taoist alchemy - self manifesting Qigong and Zhang San Feng style Taiji from Shen Men School of Martial Arts. As well as San Da and what not. Also 8 years of meditation practice including TM, Buddhist Mindfulness of Breathing, and Taoist meditation. Cured myself of Psychosis and intense anxiety disorders as well as endocrine system problems using these methods and nowadays enjoy a happy healthy life thanks to my teachers. 8 years studying and practicing various self help and development/self-coaching methods. Now make it my mission to share good knowledge with others so we can be free of self-perpetuated suffering. Look forward to chatting with you all. I'm sure there's plenty more you peeps have to share on this "unlimited-empty" path we're walking together. Matt aka Guru Grimmer : )
  10. Sound interesting chap! Just had a quick look at a website, what's your experience of it? : ) Have you been doing it long? Looks like self manifesting qigong movements in the pictures. I have a lot I do already from a very trusted source, but I'm always open to new things. It's amazing that it's offered free too. They're obviously on a serious mission to share it. : )
  11. hahhahaha, I can understand that man. In fact it wasn't self proclaimed, although it has stuck. It was originally invented by my big bro, I'm a drummer in a band called Brothers Grimmer; that's just the nickname identity etc. Hope that clears that one up for ya. Don't really identify myself either way, it's just a bit of fun really : )
  12. Dissolving inner/outer difference?

    Unlimited is an attempt to word it ... direct experience is king bro. But you hit the nail on the head, it's unlimited capacity is what allows the means to project all this crap ... or whatever name we have for 'it' : ))
  13. Hey there!! Thanks for the reply. Registered nurse? Interesting place to hang out for someone of your career path. You must be quite multi-faceted. : ) See you around : )
  14. Dissolving inner/outer difference?

    Hey there, I know you're looking for master based instruction on this method, but just thought in case you don't find it, you may like to know this. In the Buddhist mindfulness of breathing and Six Dharma Gates; both the carried books of any student of the Buddha, it is explained that forst you become aware of manifestations, then the roots from which they arise. By deeply realising roots you can transform the result. This is the basic medicine for all illness. Keep in mind that the true freedom comes with advancing through all steps to the final stages of Purification or letting go, that comes with a direct realisation through clear observation/contemplation of the true nature of what is (remember, as I'm sure you know, I'm using words as pointers here only, they can never encapsulate direct experience). That's when you realise directly that it's all an illusion projected by the unlimited mind. Hope that helps if nothing else comes up. : )
  15. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education." "As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality." "Reality is only an illusion; albeit a persistent one." Albert Einstein. Some scientists get to the same realisation to eh? Or close at least. : )