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  1. Dissolving inner/outer difference?

    hello, thank you for your question! Because it is different from Vipassana (at least as far as i understand it). it seems to be a more direct aproach to deal with blockages, because i did the outer dissolving technique (at least i think i did if i understand it properly) by accident with amazing result! (I dissolved a phenomenally intense migraine, and it never came back! people who had migraines in their life will certainly understand how big of a deal this is ) And if the technique is anything like i imagine it is, i believe it would be a great fit with my natural tendency to approach things, a more direct way to deal with these things, and a new tool in my toolbox to change things up. thanks again for your interest and question!
  2. Dissolving inner/outer difference?

    yes i did find this useful. But this is the unguided personnal experience from some person i know nothing about, his own unguided trial and error. Nothing wrong with that and he may have found the right technique, but i was looking for something different. I was looking for a clear explanation of a technique taught by a master (doesn't have to be the master own word, it can be explained by a practitionner but i was looking specifically for this kind of instruction.) the proper how-to. Thank you very much for your generosity for having taken the time to read my question and dig up this answer!
  3. Dispelling the Fog

    Nice quote. Nice link! Santyr, how long have you been meditating? if you are a beginner in your spiritual journey, i would think just meditate more, join some group meditations in Buddhist temples, listen to Dharma talks, practice yoga or tai-chi, having a good, regular meditation routine with other people, perhaps giving a few hours a week helping out at a community your would choose (like joining a Shanga maybe) etc... keep busy practicing a good lifestyle, filled with meditation, learning and getting inspiration from teachers and students, healthy exercises in yoga or tai-chi, eating healthy food... sooner rather than later your life will change completely. fog will dissipate, happiness and energy will fill your life. if most of your today lifestyle is to spend your time worrying, eating bad food, living for yourself etc... just spending your time doing better things with it will change everything. You will love life, you will be looking forward to go to the Shanga, you will be looking forward to go to tai-chi, yoga etc...
  4. Hello! I've read the book by Bruce Frantzis and the part where he explain dissolving is a bit unclear for me. I have experience with Vipassana so i can see the blockages very easily. My question is, is my understanding proper? - outer dissolving: is simply to look at a blockage, stare at it until it dissolve. once it dissolve, is there anything else to do? it seems to me that when a blockage dissolve, it just sort of evaporate. If a blockage does not dissolve, should i stop staring after a while? is there some guidelines as to how long one should try to dissolve a blockage before giving up and moving on? What do do if a blockage does not dissolve? - inner dissolving: something about dissolving layers. Im really not sure what does this entail and how to do this. Is it like vipassana where you just notice all of the little sensations/blockages? And the only act of noticing them will dissolve a layer of them so they will get weaker and weaker with each body scans? Any help will be very very appreciated! thank you so much!
  5. hello

    hello 31 yo male looking to free myself from blocks, have questions about the "how to", and i'll see what i want after I come from a 3 years old Buddhist path with some experience with vipassana and body scan. nice to meet you, hopefully i can be a positive entity (although not knowledge full enough to contribute technically as of now but hopefully this will change one day) on this forum .