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  1. Qigong teacher in Shanghai

    Hello there, I'd be interested to know what happened finally. I just moved to Shanghai and I'd like to learn some Qigong or similar practices. Cheers, Andy
  2. Magick forum

    Things like killing babies, rape people, drink cat's blood, that sort of thing. From what I know he was a complitaced, egocentric, good fella, who did some really great stuff, and some not so great stuff. I might be wrong, but this view is certainly more useful than "mmm he fancied babies! his stuff is crap!" (unless it gets me fancying babies!). For a positive interpretation of his work you can have a read at Alan Chapman's stuff. And there is also a nice documentary called Enigma - Aleister Crowley, featuring Lon Milo Douquette. This is the trailer Cheers
  3. Magick forum

    When AC was around, as far as I know, there wasn't anybody really teaching kundalini stuff properly (theosophy was around, but ehem ehem), so one could say that he did his best to make it accessible. Plus, again as far as I know, he never said "I made this up" regarding yoga practices etc. so never quite ripped off anything at all. :) That being said, a) he was nuts, and everybody knows it, altho he didn't do many of the terrible things that are attributed to him. B ) why am I defending him? As-Salamu Alaykum
  4. Magick forum

    Oh dear my post has been taken over! Now I need a bigger image of something related to MAGICK How about Aleister Crowley? Well, if you like it or are interested in Magick and would like to discuss things magickal, feel free to pop in http://salomesrevenge.freeforums.org/ ! Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law!
  5. Magick forum

    Now my browser keeps giving me publicity of erectile dysfunction. Damn it.
  6. Magick forum

  7. Magick forum

    Oh, and does it work well? :blush: maybe I should browse the forum more often.
  8. Magick forum

    Welcome home! P.s. I believe Mantak Chia talks about that in one of his books actually
  9. Magick forum

    Hello all, just thought I would drop a quick liner to invite people who is interested in magick to participate in the forum http://salomesrevenge.freeforums.org It is a follow up of the Baptist Head, which closed a while ago and a bunch of nostalgic participants decided to open a new one. Apologies for the rather spamy post, just so you know I'm not selling viagra ! Cheers, Dharmandy
  10. What would YOU ask Bruce Frantzis?

    I'd love to hear what he says! please ask this one!
  11. qigong styles

    Thanks for the answers. onelove, I've heard of Jenny Lamb before, apparently she is writing a book. Really looking forward to that, because the closest seminars to me are in norway, and they are 240 pounds, which I think is quite bloody expensive. I have had a wee read at BK Frantzis' water method books and for now they seem to have a few things quite close to vipassana. So far in my research, BK Frantzis stuff seems the only "complete" system, i.e. energetic work, health and fundamental insight altogether through different techniques but under the same roof. Any thoughts on this are welcome of course. Thanks, Andy
  12. qigong styles

    Hi dmattwads, I would like to know if there is some system that includes some sort of insight practice, a more complete system as a substitute for vipassana. Or something that goes well with vipassana. Although I don't know exactly what that means. I guess something that helps keep my body in balance, healthy and that provides me with energy. But I'm also interested in general about what qigong in general has to 'offer'. Thanks, Andy
  13. qigong styles

    Dear all, as a newcomer to qigong I have to say that I'm somewhat overloaded with information, due to all the different styles and teachers. For now I'm sticking to BK Frantiz's Openig the Energy Gates, but I have heard that it isnt as quick and powerful as some other styles. So I'm researching a bit about other styles too. Could you please briefly describe the main different styles, and how to "categorize" them? It seems that different styles are good, or better, for different things: be it health, internal power or awakening. How can you tell the difference? Thank you very much in advanced! Andy
  14. Does cultivation ever stop?

    Heya, from the point of view of Buddhism, which I though might be of interest to you, there are traditionally three disciplines to work in: morality, concentration and wisdom. Morality is said to be the one you start with, and the one to finish with, since aparently there is not and end to the degree of skill you can bring to your life. The other two have, to quote Daniel Ingram from his book, their own agendas, practices, gold standards and can be mastered, that is, you can learn how to access all the concentration states at will etc. and you can get enlightenment, provided you put enough effort into it. So, at least in Buddhism, and in terms of fundamental wisdom and the training of concentration - which to most of us is the 'cool stuff', me included - you can, and meny people do, finish. It's only in the training of morality that you can always do something a little bit better. Hope it is interesting for you Cheers, Andy
  15. A Good Tai Chi class

    Yep, it does. Thanks Mal. Cheers! Andy