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  1. Shaking during meditation

    Thanks everyone for their opinions. Very helpful. I don't currently have a teacher but have had teachers with in the past. I'm actually interested in hearing the thoughts and experiences of others not just to follow blindly but to consider and reflect on with my own discernment. So everyone's opinions have been much appreciated. My last teacher was taught by Ajahn Chah (Buddhist) but encouraged me to explore certain (non-traditional Buddhist) energy methods as well so I do. He also encouraged me to discuss with other practitioners from whatever backgrounds they came from with the knowledge that I'd still use my own discernment.
  2. Lately I've been shaking while meditating and wondering what the opinions are on it. Some have told me to try and stop the shaking, others have said to let it play it as it's a release of tension or energy. I'm undecided although it does feel natural to just let it play out. Any opinions/experiences are appreciated.
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    Looks like there's some interesting talk going on here. Thanks for having me!
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