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  1. Master Wang LIping's seminar in SC

    The China Daoist Association many times invited Mr. Wang Liping in the Shanxi building platform for observing astronomical phenomena, the Hainan jade moon and the Jinhua Huangdaxian ancestor palace to teach the Taoism practice internal strength technique.
  2. Master Wang LIping's seminar in SC

    中国前领导人曾推荐王力平给俄国前总统叶利钦治病和教授其道家养生术。《俄罗斯华人 报》曾作报道。中国道教协会曾多次邀请王力平先生在陕西楼观台、海南玉蟾宫和金华黄大 仙祖宫讲授道家修炼内功术。 and: Jinhua Taoist Association invited Mr. Wang Liping, the 18th transmitter of Dragon Gate Taoism Branch, as the main coach to organize the Taoism Culture and Health Summer Camp in immortal Huang (Huang DaXian) birth palace of Jinhua Double Dragon scenic area.
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