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  1. Hi all

    We should make a newly started tao club for the three of us... Well, i hope to see you around a lot, and Peace from Sweden to you!
  2. Greetings Guru Grimmer! I really hope that you will have a nice time here, and find likeminded people to share your experiences with! Me myself is a total beginner here. I am just about to become a registered nurse though, so health is a big concern of mine. Good luck on the forums! Peace!
  3. An introduction from the nightingale.

    Greetings! I Came across this site, and i was really thrilled! I have been looking into meditation for a long time and i think it would really help me. I have always beleived in energies and forces that are not obvious to everyone. I am a total beginner, but i do not lack motivation. I am a nurse student from Sweden who is slightly overweight. That is however something i am working on solving. The time has Come for me to sleep. I am so looking forward to indulge myself in the wisdom of these forums. That was all from me for now.