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  1. One must consider regarding the term Hebrew or Jewish that it is likely, in my opinion, that these groups sequestered a lot of the knowledge they presently take credit for or history suggests comes from them it originated from the Egyptians and those mystery schools. A study of masonry will also reveal the Egyptian connections to magical roots. The number of dead during the Breivik attack is also a significant number to consider. I can post a summary of my interpretation of those numbers in the near future...but then I must leave this subject soon for the sake of time and my other interests.
  2. After the attacks I began to run over in my mind what I need to look for in the media as to whether this may be connected to ritual. One thing, after the attacks, to look for is if the date of the killing is displayed numerically and dramatically for public consumption just the same way 911 relates to the World Trade Center attacks. And that ended up being the case. Here we have good 'ol Jens standing in front of "the date" displayed in its ominous splendor. And what do these numbers of this date mean related to gematra or Hebrew numerology? Why Hebrew? Well, if it is a masonic ritual and every masonic lodge-temple is a miniature version of the Temple of Solomon then you can understand that their occult methods will be connected with Hebrew magic in this regard. So a ritual date may have some significant interpretations related to the details surrounding the ritual itself.
  3. I would say no, Norway is not the source of all ills. There is no one source of all ills other than perhaps...ourselves. And no, not all or even a majority of masons are dark mages or are even aware of that which they actually participate. But their participation can be knowingly and unkowingly used for energetic-spiritual purposes...and not all of those purposes are necessarily for good. Breivik was, in my assessment, definitely not acting alone. I would presume a team of six to have been involved with the planning and execution of the bombing and shooting. In this capacity he was not acting as a regent of powerful magic masons. My masonic references were more related to the Vigeland Park posts. But Breivik was a maste mason and, not suprisingly, had a father with a political career. Chance are his father was also a mason and Breivik was admitted quickly to the rank of master mason because of his father's membership. This does plug Breivik into the masonic grid. Ritual acts on Breivik's part could now, in the realm of quantum physics, be related to his masonic connection. The thing to examine is if Utøya shows any evidence of being a ritual sacrifice through occult interpretation rather than just defined as the act of a lone man acting out his political ideology on others. I firmly believe Utøya, like 911, is such a ritual. The soul energy of the dead youth and the energy of the emotional greiving masses all form of energetic "fuel". Anything that gets you thinking about something and devoting your thought, and especially your emotion can become an energetic fuel source.
  4. Coffee. Good or bad?

    An individual's constitution would be a factor, whereas for some it just is not agreeable. It would be wise the coffee is not instant, overly processed and preferably an organic or high quality variety. And one should consider, particularly if they have or experience sleeping problems, if consumption of caffeine, particularly in the afternoon or evenings, may be a factor. Should you have hypertension, nervousness or any other medical condition which may be worsened or exaggerated by caffeine consumption, then that too is a factor. Your bodyweight will also be a factor. I advocate that one cup of good quality coffee a day, without white sugar, to be a good way to start the day, dilate the blood vessels, get the bowels moving and get a bit of pep in the morning especially during colder weather. A very big person may go with two cups perhaps spread an hour or two apart. The classic books written by Travell and Simons regarding muscular trigger points also comment that one cup a day is good for blood vessel dilation and blood circulation. But more than that can begin to make the body respond unfavorably to the coffee. Three cups or more begins to get into the potential that the body will respond to the caffeine, long term, with some negative consequences. Should you do this everyday for a long period of time then there is the hypertension response and withdrawal headache should you discontinue consumption. I don't drink coffee because I am already quite physically and mentally coffee is like speed for me and my constitution. One cup gets me climbing the walls for hours. Because I don't drink it I have no tolerarnce when I do. I am sure that taking a break from coffee once in a while is also a good idea...instead of five cups a day...everyday. And I find that the smaller amount of caffeine found in my green tea does give me energy in the morning, whereas when someone is used to five cups a day of coffee...the green tea would really not do much for stimulation. Caffeine also has a diuretic effect so if you don't drink much water and experience chronic cellular dehydration...then you want to take three months to consume enough water to make sure your cells are properly rehydrated and then compensate a bit for your caffeine consumption. Some ladies have commented to me that their men "taste" different and not like it so much when they drink the context of oral sex.
  5. What does that have to do with chi metal dog? Everything...everything.
  6. Now...not only was Gustav Vigeland at least the level of a master mason...but should you also check out the right books at the library you will find out that he was also a pedophile. For some reason Norway does not mention this and their pride concerning this national cultural figure. Not in the books, is that he was not only a pedophile but a pedophile of young boys. And this would coincide with the ingenious occult design of his park-device and his relationship with masonry...and its more sinister occult rituals. As this, with young boys, would have to do with the channeling of the male Baphomet energies. The same ritual as taught to Albert Pike legend of the American Scottish Rite of Freemasonry by the French satanist Eliphas Levi. But that is mostly history. What does the Norwegian OTO tying into Norwegian military intelligence have to do with Breivik and these matters metal dog? And the CIA, British Intelligence and Mossad? Human slavery, pedophile rings and George Soros? And the extreme anomaly of Norwegian surplus oil money, huge statefund and thriving economy in a western world of total inescapable debt and economic collapse coupled with the malfeasance of world and British banks? What does all that have to do with Brievik? Everything...everything.
  7. The device is detailed, even down to the numerous maple trees in the park and their five-pointed pentagram geometry leaves. So many things there not just by random choice...but quite purposeful. I think I have decoded every detail upon my first couple of visits to the park...and you won't get that in a book or the guided tour. I used to do my chi practice, forms and sparring there. Its power axis also runs through the large Christian church, Domkirke, kind of like the Vigeland Park's electric transformer...where, unfortunately, praying Christians are slightly parasitized of their energies while entranced in the christ meme to, further down the line, feed the masonic temple's dark wizards and their western world reality matrix-overlay-template. And just what does that have to do with Breivik and the ritual slaughter on Utøya island metal dog? Everything...everything.
  8. I believe the masons in their temple in Oslo utilize the Vigeland Park device as the Qliphoth tree...for their dark juju. It also powers the energy, archetype and entity of comMERCe down its axis into Karl Johan's Gate...the main area of shops and commerce. Which is why there is also an erected statue of MERCury located precisely on that same axis in front of Oslo Børs or the stock market. Quantum physics is doing its best to explain this type of thing in scientific terms.
  9. Vigeland park and all the works of Gustav are not just a layout for the sake of art, but it is a functioning freemasonic chi-generating and channeling geomantic-alchemical-talismanic sigil device. It is also, when viewed from above...a Kaballah tree of life...thus relating it to its more "spiritual" capabilities related to entities and the Sephiroth as well. It directs its power, or can absorb it, directly in a straight line down past the King's castle and Karl Johan's Gate all the way to the waterway at Aker Brygge. Should one know how to sequester the energy of such a could tap a bit of it's flow...while it is being mainlined to the Oslo masonic lodge for their and their "hidden friends" use. As far as pizza...I recommend Villa Paradiso in Grunerløkka to be superb...and far superior to Grandiosa frozen hubcaps.
  10. I hate stupidity. Norway just happens to be the green stain in the petri dish I now examine. But trust me when I say the earth an all inclusive resort..and giving me lots to be critical about concerning its members. And even though this thread is about qi gong in norway....two posts should just about more than cover that extravaganza in its entirety. Confusion has little to do with it...just trying to prop up the "interesting" factor that Norway so desperately needs. So now I expound analyzing the tactics of terrorism, war and the dynamics of offender and victim. Sometimes the victim can be responsible for their own victimhood.
  11. "Ah...metal sly done begun to find me/us out (wink)... ...shall you tell them the rest of your conspiracy theory?" Yes...perhaps...soon...fall guy...perhaps...soon...
  12. Police probe new threat from Breivik supporter The chickens come home to roost for the police who buried their heads in the sand. Although this story may be a bit dated, but I had estimated that a team of a minimum of six people would be necessary to guarantee the Oslo bombing and shooting from preparation phase to execution. Brievik was the patsie martyr. This, in my opinion, was not just a ideological-political act or statement from some radical right group, but it was bigger than this...a form of external punishment upon the nation of Norway that escapes the typical citizen and the media. Involved one will find the CIA, British Intelligence and Mossad. Breivik was a master Mason of the Oslo lodge and a self-declared revived Knights Templar and published a manifesto providing his motives for his actions, which I actually consider the cover story to a darker story. The threat must stay alive for Norway has not yet fully complied politically or economically what has been demanded of the hidden hand.
  13. Lawyer loses license over alleged Breivik leaks One of two potentials. This guy was not going along with the show trial for a false flag patsie and was starting to criticize the proceeding's pre-determined directions. Meaning that which he was criticizing and drawing attention to is supposed to be flawed and a failure and the want to shut him up for his wanting to do it right. As there were multiple eyewitness accounts on the island of Utøya concerning a second shooter not dressed like Breivik's police uniform also shooting people. The police immediately downplayed these reports and eventually dismissed them as that would mean a lot more paperwork and fewer coffee breaks. Not too mention more public outrage at their failure to capture an accomplice which they let get away. Later investigative reports show that there were three substantial opportunities for authorities to have apprehended Breivik prior to the bombing and shooting...if they had just simply did basic investigative work, saw the signs and pursued the leads. Or the less conspiratorial, but still nefarious, is that he is just pointing out the typical stupidity that is commonplace in Norway and they don't like it when people criticize that which they want to project and sell as being perfect and flawless...which they would like to apply to anything Norwegian. Those who do, even Norwegians, are drawn and quartered and have their remains scattered to the four corners of the globe. Even worse than this native's retaliative experience, if one is a foreigner living and working in Norway were to be openly critical of anything would very likely be social, professional and political suicide. Meaning, you are just a guest hear, we are perfect and flawless while being beyond reproach, and if you are critical or too negative about anything Norwegian...then why don't you just shut the fuck up or get the fuck out. But there are also some decent people here too...I have them on speed dial.
  14. Norway, can be subject to an extremely unflattering generalization as being a nation full of naive bunglers and idiots with overly-inflated high opinions of themselves and a mis-applied superiority complex that deters any form of real performance or progress. They constantly make appointments based on the good old boy network and who knows who...not who is best qualified to actually do the is a real problem. They fear foreigners and immigrants in the workplace and politics because they are afraid they will be shown up, outperformed and revealed to be the epitome of stupid that they really are. They are truly like children. No police experience at all, but head of police and special terrorist police force. A devout pacifist...thus removing himself ideologically from any real world experience of anything "down and dirty" that would perhaps best fit the professional profile for the job. Refused one year of mandatory military service (an extended camping trip while wearing camo and uncomfortable boots) And it is the usual story here that he got the job, not because of what he knows, but who he knows. Surprised the body count wasn't much higher.
  15. What? What? What? Everything is fine here...only lone anomalous elements to be wary of... ...close your to sleep...and please, above all else...accept naive positivity...and ignore the deeper societal least until...the next time.