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  1. The Cool Picture Thread

    And this is a picture of my dog.
  2. The Cool Picture Thread

    I took this picture the other day.
  3. Hello

    Thank you for the warm welcome. Absolutely, I love my cuppa tea, ya'll.
  4. If you like to drink good tea...

    I'm a sucker for Moroccan Mint tea, sweetened with honey. Its amazing.
  5. Hello

    Hello. I'm not really good at these sort of things, but I'm new to this forum and to Taoism. Basically, trying to find myself while learning and growing along the way. At one point in my life, I got lost along the way and forgot who I was and what I really wanted out of life. So here I am. Open mind, open heart, open soul. Thanks for taking the time to view my little post.