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  1. Shaktipat

    Thank you Susan. I really appreciate your posts on this website, they've had a profound impact on me. I'll definitely come introduce myself when I arrive. I've been looking forward to this seminar for a long time, been preparing by using the material in the first two months of Tantric inner circle from umaa tantra. Hopefully I'm ready. see you soon! Peace
  2. Shaktipat

    Hi, I participated in the last global shaktipat you did on Skype during the full moon. I'll be at the New York KAP later this month! I didn't know what to expect but I started feeling a heat or a coolness(it felt like both) in my midsection and I started sweating profusely. I was blown away by the love and gratitude that was expressed by the people on the chat. I never imagined that there could be that much emotion coming through a chat. since that meditation I've been noticing subtle differences in how I'm thinking and in my energy practice. One of the things I've been thinking about is how there is an energy that goes along with the words we speak. Susan, you've talked about this in earlier posts on the Tao Bums website. how people who are sensitive to that kind of thing can be really hurt when someone insults them. and I've definitely noticed that when people speak, there is a feeling to it. as people, we get feelings all the time. I was listening to music last night and noticing how significant the difference in feeling is between different peices of music. I'm reminded of brief email correspondences I've had with Tao Semko and how a very short message from him feels totally different from a similar email sent to me by someone else. is it a difference in energy that I'm feeling? with the secret smile, we bring up a strong emotion and move it through our body. does this mean that energy is the same thing as a feeling? that whenever we have a feeling, we are simply being aware of energy? how do you tell the difference between what is your own feeling and response versus the feeling that is carried within the music or the voice of whoever's speaking, or the email? Many Thanks
  3. Hey Tao Bums

    Hi Everybody. There's some really great ideas going around on this website.