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  1. Very valuable book about Tao practice. You can find it at amazon.com
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  3. List of Illustrations Translator's Preface Introduction Part Ⅰ:The Nature of Meditation 1. Longevity is Actually Possible 2. Meditation 3. Mental and Physical Conditions During Meditation 4. Ch'i Phenomena of the Body 5. Postures in Meditation 6. Use of the Mind in Meditation 7. Concentration on the Ch'iao Cavity in Taoist Meditation Part Ⅱ: The Nature and Reactions of Ch'i 8. The Nature o{ Ch'i 9. Reactions of Ch'i During Meditation 10. How to Open Up Jen Mai 11. Fasting and the Function of the Middle Ch'i 12. A Big Belly is Not Tao 13. The Human Body and the Importance of Feet 14. Arguments Over the Ch'i Channels 15. Ch'i Channels from Taoism and Buddhism 16. What is Middle Mai? 17. Why Ch'i Channels Vibrate 18. What Happens After Ch'i Channels Open? 19. Motives for Meditation 20. The Theory of Ching, Ch'i and Shen Part Ⅲ:Cultivation of Ching, Ch'i and Shen 21. Timing and Stages of Cultivation 22. The Concept of Ching 23. Transmutation of Ching into Ch'i 24. Cultivation of Ch'i and Stopping the Breath 25. The Wonder and Mystery of Breath 26. Changing Temperaments and Cycles of Ch'i 27. Cultivating Ch'i and Calming the Mind 28. Three Flowers and Five Ch'i 29. Meditation and Cultivation of Shen Appendix Ⅰ:Cultivating Samadhi and Wisdom Through Ch'an (Zen) Appendix Ⅱ:Ch'an (Zen) and Pointing at the Moon Index
  4. David Verdesi

    I want visit the forum of David Verdesi and e-mail to them. But the student of David e-mail me said the forum has closed. Is it really closed? Who can help me? Please send message to me. Thank you very much!
  5. David Verdesi

    Very intereting topic. I usd to go to see master Jiangfeng for a treatment. The reality is his exam disease method shocked me. I feel like a electricity strike on the belly. After the dignose, i was treated by him for my disease. The result is satisfied. I understand Qi is a energy, it is not appear as a light. You can not see it, but you can feel it. Such as the air we breath. you can not feel it. But we will dead without it. Because i saw somebody talk about this Qi, so write down my opnion here. Anybody want konw the information about Master Jiangfeng. You can contact with me. Because i am a person who really saw him.
  6. Very happy to meet friends here

    I am interested in Buddism, Taoism, Chi gong and herbal medicine. I also learn some. Very happy to meet so many friends here who have same interest. We can share information and discuss the interesting topic. By the way, i am in China, anybody want konw the information about Buddism, Taoism, Chi gong and herbal medicine in China. You can ask me. Hello to everyone.