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  1. Daylight Savings Time and Meditation

    You should practice according to your true local time where you live. Time zone is invented in the very late 1800's, after fast traveling with railroads became possible. Before that, noon is when the sun is directly overhead on the sundial.
  2. Eczema

    Dr. Mercola has a video and article on eczema which you might want to take a look. Here's another Dr. Mercola article. One thing you should check is if she has a hidden sensitivity/intolerance to foods such wheat or milk. Sometimes the bad effects show up days after consumption, so you would not think it's connected. I also have seen many articles say probiotics can help with eczema. Here's one. This Bryon Richard's article suggests candida could be a cause, which is why probiotics can help. You might want to try a high quality probiotic product such as this one. It is quite expensive though. This brand is pretty good and economical.
  3. Jeff Primack

    Lama Tantrapa just did an interview with Jeff Primak. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/qigongmasters/2011/06/07/interview-with-jeff-primak
  4. I believe this means the teacher emits a qigong energy field that allows the students to practice at a higher level and to speed up the effect of the practice. "Dai" means to lead, to bring others along. The effect is temporary and stops when the teacher stops creating the field.
  5. Wooow! On his second video, at 4:40, he burned a hole on a paper with his finger! Pretty amazing...
  6. Ya Mu, Which methods do you use for long distance healing work? My impression from reading the posts is that you use Wai Qi Liao Fa for long distance healing, and that taoist energetic medicine method you mentioned has to be used in person (because the practioner needs to sense the neuro-energetic palpations). Is Wai Qi Liao Fa something different than the taoist energetic medicine? Thanks.
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