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  1. Qigong sucks!

    Sloppy: thanks that opening the energy gates actually sounds pretty good. MPWay: It's the active exercise not the sitting, he says that you should draw your stomach in when you breath in and let it out when you breath out. That is reverse breathing yes? Anyway the whole concept just seems stupid and unnatural maybe i should start walking backwards too.. Spectrum: If you mean i'm doing the qigong solo then yes, why does it matter? Seth: Ok if the headache happens to a lot of people in the beginning then maybe i will give Falun another go since that was the only negative side-effect i experienced from Falun Gong. I do and did feel pretty damn good when i only meditate and lift weights at the gym. Starting with qigong was just a way to keep myself healthy and maybe get some more energy but that didn't happen so..
  2. Qigong sucks!

    I edited my post i don't want to put other people off from trying potentially good practises and i felt it was too personal for me to share my experiences like this.
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    Hi bums, how ya doin?