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  1. Drugs and Alcohol

    Hello! I would like to know how the use of alcohol and drugs affects ones ability to cultivate. Any and all comments are welcome with an open mind and an empty cup. Thank you!
  2. WATER

    But I guess you will never know huh... I certainly didn't agree with everything I saw in the film but there are some things that were presented that I would like second opinions on. such as: Prayer... what is it? Emotion and its affect on waters structure. At one point in the film two people are put thousands of miles away from eachother, one in Russia and the other in South America and they are able to sychronize their brain waves, breathing patterns, and pulse. These are just a few examples. I'm sure meditation and the study of inner power or energy could provide not answers but at least a better understanding. All I ask is that someone who is willing to watch (or already has watched) this film through and discuss it please do. I have showed this to some of my family, friends and teachers and gotten mixed responses. I would love to hear from you as well.
  3. WATER

    Has anyone here seen this before? What are some of your thoughts?
  4. questions

    So i should just sit there, not even questioning my reasons for being there. just sit and see what happens? i find it hard to sit there and know im supposed to be doing this thing called meditation and at the same time think nothingness, stillness ect.
  5. questions

    So most of the time I spend on this site I am looking for hint or a clue a to how i should be going about meditation. This morning I woke up late... did the bare minimum as far as my standards go for a morning work out and then went to meditate. I sat under a tree in the shade ( i opted against the sun because its hot today) and began what I like to think of as watching myself. I watched myself think all kinds of things. how it feels to breathe, if someone could be watching me, how long it will take for meditation to become habitual for me, why am i burping so much? why does my hip still hurt? and then bam i get up i may have been sitting there for 12 minutes. im not sure why its so hard for me to sit but its frustrating. i dont know what im supposed to be doing with my breath or my thoughts. i live in Los Angeles so theres plenty of distractions for me; sounds, smells, sights. any advice for me? Also someone close to me if having trouble with their dreams. She is living in a nightmare and when she is illustrating what exactly it is shes dream about I have to ask her to stop because it is disturbing. I am trying to get her to meditate (maybe it will help? i cant see why not) but as someone who doesnt seem to be very good at meditation myself it proves to be a challenge. this person has been dreaming like this since she can remember. I guess I am asking for a tutorial almost of how we can both become closer to who we are through meditation and breathing exercises. I feel that the saying you are a product of your surroundings is becoming all too true and i need weapons to combat this hellish lifestyle. to combat the matirialistic impure concrete jungle i am forced to call home. any information or book references would be appreciated. Edit: if any of my questions have been answered already or if there is information that would lead me to said answeres in other forum posts i would be greatful a link was posted.
  6. Hello

    I have recently had the joy and pleasure of making progress in meditation.... i think. it was a baby step but im sure what happened was progress. there is not much to describe in terms of feeling but when i came out of meditation i had no idea how long i was sitting there for. also i felt my heart beat STRONG not that it was beating fast but i felt the pulse all the way to my finger tips. it was while i was out of the city on a week long getaway to the mountains i was taking to dedicate some time to meditating. the experience led me to this website when my available literature could not give more insight. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if i am on the right track. Also what are some takes on meditation to induce ego loss and lucid dreaming? Thanks