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    I have not been here for a long time except to drop in to read Dwai or Mat Black or Taomeow. I don't even remember my email ID and stuff used here any more. But I re-registered for one reason. I was one of the biggest critics of Kunlun here, as I had some terrible experiences from it - or rather during it. After a lot of work, on my part and of my teacher, I now understand Kunlun had nothing to do with the entity trouble or whatever energy corrections I was going through. It was simply co-incidence. Since then, I have been back to Kunlun practice and RP and find them to be the only practice I find fit enough to spend time along with my main Tantra/Kriya practice. Max is good, max is evil, max is fun, max is cruel, and he is the most compassionate. But so was Krishna, the famous teacher of Sanatana Dharma (lol, not here for a debate with the Buddha crowd, which I still find is as active, aggressive and lacking skillful means as before). Avadhutas and Atimargins have always been eccentric and that does not diminish their wisdom or compassion. I have related to Max more on other levels than physical and find him to be highly enlightened, compassionate and genuine. I feel I owe him to say this especially because I was one of the earliest ones to criticize him (even before Hundun I guess ) but yes, my views about Max, his methodology and practice have since changed. At this point, after a lot of self-evaluation and evaluation of the practice itself, I find it most beneficial, powerful and safe when learnt and practiced with the Right View. Adding vipashyana to any energetic practice is, IMO, not only beneficial but necessary. I have done KAP as well, more for the sake of curiosity than anything else as I had my first awakening of Kundalini at 11 and wanted to see how better I could have dealt with Her if I had the KAP tools. Again, Max is on a different level and don't judge him by his book, his marketing team or what you hear of him. Try and connect to him through the practice. I was told of my blog entries quoted on this thread by skyisthelimit (who I have no clue about lol) of which I was not aware but I need to agree that the word Shaktipat is incorrectly used in New Age gatherings. Shaktipat is neither possible or greatly beneficial when coming from someone not Enlightened. Just my two cents. God! watching your breath and the mind is so much more easier than figuring out which of the hundred seminars to take. Compassion, insight and examining the mind cultivates Kundalini and whatever else, not the other way round. Nut it all depends on what one is seeking I guess? Not all are after enlightenment or even clarity! And hi'n'hugs to all old friends: Rain, Xienkula, Mat, Scotty, Yoda... where is Taomeow lately? Write something lady! Your are awesome And my Shaktipat thread is still active!
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