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  1. Empirical Data

    Well I saw the videos you posted. John Chang's videos don't cut it for me. I've seen magicians do similar things which I cannot explain. But if there is some data on John Chang, like a measurable force. Recorded by at least a half credible person. I would be interested. Also what texts have you read on Mo pai, and if you have learned another style of Nei Kung or Mo pai from a person in person I'd like to hear about it.
  2. Empirical Data

  3. Empirical Data

    Yeah that sounds cool and all very logical and thought out. But I was mainly interested to hear what you had to say about Hermetics and the machines that run on chi.
  4. Those who know, do not need to be told. Those who don't, seldom listen.
  5. Empirical Data

    I've seen all those videos More pie thanks. And if you could tell me more about what your talking about Sinfest I'd appreciate it. Thanks Chi-Dragon. this point there is little to no proof that qi qong is nothing but a advanced health regiment? That explains why More Pie Guy is obsessed with powers. Oh and Seeker, "I" does not exist ;] You think that's air you're breathing?
  6. Empirical Data

    Well that's a good point, but I've used the same exact idea before trying to convince myself. Like I stated above, the health effects are obviously measurable. What I'm asking for is hard evidence to support Qi Gong is anything more than just some health regiment. Or do you have more poop for me?
  7. Yoked to Earth: A Treatise on Corpse-Demons and Bigu

    My opinion on this is that many international companies have been feeding the mass majority of 1st and 2nd world nations poison for at least 5 decades maybe longer. This is one of the main variables in controlling a population. Control what they eat, control how they think, control how they live. Hope your organic pure diet works out
  8. Empirical Data

    Hello everyone, Hypothetical - Person 1 : I do not know for sure if it is possible that a human being can project, absorb, and manipulate this so called energy Qi, Chi, Ki. Out of the thousands of years we still have little to no scientific empirical information about such things. Now I'm not a master daoist immortal but I do understand the workings of the human body. And there are no facts to back up the sheer magnitude of followers taoism has accumilated, to be honest it is starting to remind me of christianity and what it has been molded into. Person 2 : But Qi isn't electricity or magnetism though it has properties of both we cannot measure it scientifically. And the reason there is little information about the inner workings of alchemy is because if it fell into the wrong hands, the gift would be wasted or misused. Person 1 : I disagree, first off if Qi has the ability to heal beyond modern medicine, move objects, catch them on fire, and halt gravity in its tracks; and there is not a scientific explanation then, doesn't that make it measurable in some way? Also if being a daoist immortal and having control of your chi is such a gift, why is the world in complete and utter chaos about to be in world war 3? Oh is that because daoist immortals don't act unless absolutely necessary? Person 2: Ok so it may be possible to measure Qi scientifically we just don't know how yet. Ok so I don't know if having the ability of a daoist immortal is a gift or a curse. But Daoist need not act in warfare inaction can be action, not to mention the golden rule. Person 1: I will admit the health benefits of Tai Chi, and being in a stable state of mind among many other martial arts, all of which can be explained scientifically. Qi Gong, however cannot be explained with facts. There are no facts, just wishy washy yin yang double meaning phrases and proverbs. Yet there is still much work to be done in the neuroscience field. Person 2: To each their own So, I would love to hear every ones opinion on this. Also it would be lovely if some one could provide a bit of scientific data on qi gong. Preferably facts regarding the amount of mass moved, amount of EMF, BTU, Volts, Amps, Watts, Magnetomotive Force, Field Flux or what have you. Anything regarding the phenomena that many call Qi Powers. I'm not looking to argue who's right or who's wrong honestly, I just want to see if anybody can give me some hard evidence. And I've seen all the videos on the internet of individuals doing things that shouldn't be humanly possible. But if you have one you think I may have not seen by all means share it. If you want to lecture me about why the secrets of internal alchemy haven't been explained yet. Again, by all means share your feelings
  9. Pushing Qi Out of the BODY - Advance

    Hey Sifu Rel, why don't you post a video with multiple shots and angles of you pushing Qi out of your body. Perhaps against something that will move, but not too light. Like a cigarette box or carton lol. If you won't do that what is the point of posting how to "push chi out of your body" ? Just curious.
  10. Mopai Training with jim mcmillan

    "The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." I have a problem with how secretive Daoist teachers are, and the ones that try their best to be completely honest; have a difficult time explaining everything, usually because they just cant. I think sharing training, teachings, and tools is a good thing as long as the sharer shares them correctly. Meaning it wouldn't work if they were too humble, or too egotistical. If I had "Daoist immortal" secrets I would share them with everyone. Which btw I do share all the "secrets" I currently have with everyone. To be utterly honest, I think the teachers that have "special powers" should be at the front line. Debating with scientists, improving our race as a whole. Because keeping secrets is only making it harder on everyone else that isn't immortal and has secret teachings. Kinda selfish if you ask me. I am a musician, but everything I've ever come up with has already been created. It was a pattern in a song previous to the song I came up with. And natural sounds and songs were there way before music was even invented. So the music I make is technically not my music. It's just music, and I share it with everyone for free. If only everyone had a similar concept of knowledge and truth.
  11. Music from a Daoist

    lol oh Sinfest
  12. Music from a Daoist

    Thank you Manitou and Joeblast I love Cirque de Soleil, and those drums were made using Superior Drummer 2.0, great suggestion though if I had never heard of it :]
  13. Music from a Daoist

    Hey all, I'm not very familiar here. But I do check this forum often especially the Taoist section. And since none of you all know how much I've actually taken from this place I wanted to give who ever wants it something back. It's a song I wrote, enjoy! ^-^
  14. Advance Energy Techniques

    I don't know what I will prove to myself Mr. Mo Pai, I don't even know if I will be allowed to share it.
  15. Advance Energy Techniques

    I feel you, Good luck sir.