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  1. Keep memories after death?

    How can we explain where all these extra souls are coming from…? World Population Growth Year Population 1 200 million 1000 275 million 1500 450 million 1650 500 million 1750 700 million 1804 1 billion 1850 1.2 billion 1900 1.6 billion 1927 2 billion 1950 2.55 billion 1955 2.8 billion 1960 3 billion 1965 3.3 billion 1970 3.7 billion 1975 4 billion 1980 4.5 billion 1985 4.85 billion 1990 5.3 billion 1995 5.7 billion 1999 6 billion 2006 6.5 billion 2009 6.8 billion 2011 7 billion 2025 8 billion 2050 9.4 billion I think that there is one cosmic conscience that sort of loans us a soul for the duration of our time as a human… And past life experiences are us reading into that cosmic conscience, and the past that some experience are not even necessarily our own… If our souls are eternal then a “life” is like a one nights dream… to probably as quickly forgotten, it’s probably are egos at work giving importants to our lives needing to believe what we did here was special and meriting remembering… One soul said to another soul after a looong life here on earth… hey I just had the funniest dream, but I can’t quite remember all of it…
  2. hello again

    I somehow for some reason was banned ealier for this post... ? here goes again hey everyone at TB I’ve been reading the threads here for some time now... I found TB through my research on kundalini, found myself on Glenn Morris' site that made references to TBs... directly or indirectly, don't quite remember now, anyway I'm glad I found TB... I've been a long time dabbler in personal development... it all started when I was 15 and someone gave me two books, one was "steal this book" by abbie hoffman and the other was "the teachings of don juan" castaneda... basically I grew up basing my personal philosophy around his books... unfortunately I later found out he was probably more of a great writer then don juan matus' apprentice, I was part of the Aquarian Foundation started by rev keith milton rhinehart... he was a strange person... he looked like a transvestite version of johnny or edgar winter with a voice deeper and more resonant then barry whites, it would send shivers up your spine... I saw a video of him producing apports. dropping off his skin coming out of his eyes and abnormal amounts spitting out of his mouth... this was "WAY" before 3D... then there was dr. frederick lenz aka rama, another one who ended up committing suicide with his pet dog, he was cool though. we'd go out to the desert ala castaneda and watch him throw energy balls over the distant mountains, he'd say look up, then spin the stars around all under the full moon, his personal entourage looked like the men in black... then decided to become a vegetarian for 8 years, which I stopped not compatible with going to the gym at the time... was way to lean, from taking it all to seriously, at the end I was eating only yogart fruit with honey, i said the heck with this and went to the nearest steakhouse and ordered a huge steak... I've never regretted it and am as healthy as can possibly be for my age ... 52... I've probably had 30 or 40 spontaneous OBEs in my life and I nightly experience prana jolts. which sometimes feel like electric shocks that numb my lips with a blue light flashing in my head... I feel I could be just ... this far ... from a kundalini awakening if I had the right guidance, so that's why I'm here at TB... I'm American but have lived the last 20 years in France... edit: wanted to add... I’ve also practiced semen retention since 1984, with full ”blown” releases a few times a year for health reasons, finding that the testicules larger the next day, also a hard alcohol hang-over does the same thing but probably not as good for your health in the long run BTW I’m not a drinker or smoker. Though when I was younger I had a theory that getting drunk on hard alcohol stimulated the hormonal system… Michael