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  1. Angel Tech

    Aha! Yes! I have been reading both the before-mentioned on pdf for a while (sore eyes) and a week ago finally ordered them . Yeah Angeltech and Prometheus whilst both covering the same info provide great differing angles from differing thinkers.. I generally get over excited and obsessed with what I am reading sometimes as well (when I know I'm onto it) The first time I started reading angeltech I think my partner thought I had lost it... seeing connections everywhere and rambling about circuits... It drastically changed my perception of people and society, and my emerging new map is much more accurate and useful... oh, and fun. I think I'll read them with my partner so we can share understanding and conversation to ground it... - a great doco/film about RAW is called 'maybelogic' if you haven't seen
  2. learning the way

    Hi everyone, Very glad to have found this amazing resource and community! I often struggle to find an outlet/inlet in properly integrating and communicating my experiences, thoughts and interests. This has lead me to much self doubt, depression and insecurity in trying to assimilate my awakened self in 'society' and progress whilst pursuing the necessary mundane. 'Communication can only happen between equals' I hope to find the information, guidance and wisdom that will empower me on this chosen path and to contribute where I can. My interests/practice has been: meditation (eastern kundalini breathwork such as Glenn Morris etc) shamanism (or ritual use of entheogens and trance dance) Sound healing and my own music composition in various styles Despite my unfortunate western attitude to development (which manifests as information harvesting and over stimulation) It is my life endeavor to 'lead my kundalini flow' and transcend my ignorance and blockages both intellectually and spiritually in the interest of evolution and the greater good. love and thanks, nic.