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  1. The artists of Shen Yun Performing Arts made an Introduction to Classical Chinese Dance. Good energy :-) http://www.shenyunperformingarts.org/videos/index/play/6tD4ip5-OPs?lang=en-us Kind regards, Xian
  2. 2011 NTD Traditional Martial Arts Competition Hey all, I want to introduce you to the NTD Martial Arts Competition. It will take place in Taiwan and in New York. You can get more information by watching this videos: And also learn more on: http://martialarts.ntdtv.com/en/ I am not responsible for promoting this competition in the US, so their are maybe some questions I cant answer, but as far as I can I try my best. If I used the wrong Subforum for my topic I do apologize. Kind Regards, Xian
  3. Chinese cooking arts

    I dont like to advertise but maybe its fits in here the best. I have found several videos, which show the differences between the different cuisines in China. Like how the cook in Guandong or Sechuan. They are short but well done I think. Let me know your opinion Introduction to Huaiyang Cuisine Introduction to Shandong Cuisine Introduction to Dongbei Cuisine Introduction to Cantonese Cuisine Kind Regards, Xian
  4. Immortals, Deities and Gods

    Yes this regards to their physical body, for example one of the eight immortals has been burned by his disciple because he came back to late to his original body.But If you have cultivated a Yuanying the Yuanying isn't affected by it. When you have only cultivated your mind , the Yuanshen leaves the body. So their is no problem with their immortality. The only thing is that he cant appear in this dimension. Kind regards, Xian
  5. cool vids

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJDLZRv1otE Kingdom of Heaven Kind regards, Xian
  6. Immortals, Deities and Gods

    An Immortal is one who has attained Enlightenment after the rules of his Daoist Cultivation school. Its been said in the past that they travel everywhere they want to, or some are taken to heaven by Dragons or Cranes. Buddha, or the Buddhas, which is more common because their wasnt Shakyamuni alone. Of course Shakyamuni teached his school, but their were the ones before him, or after him. He is no immortal, he is a Buddha and also Jesus is no Immortal. It is possible to call them gods If you understand god as a word to descrice that they are far different from humans. Kind regards, Xian
  7. cool vids

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-CIWhHvdm0 Kind regards, Xian
  8. Can we use electicity energy?

    Dont mix up things to much. Of course the all energy, but the material substance is different. Electicity can travel through the body, but If you do it at will you recognise that this not belongs to your body. Kind regards, Xian
  9. I just found this. Its from Alexander Tse Sifu and demonstrated by Teddy Lai. From the description: Kind Regards, Xian
  10. Levitation

    Their could be different reasons for the levitation. When your hole body flew, its most likely that a great heavenly circulation has been formed and you can fly because you are not attached to it.When some parts of your body raise up this could be because of an mechanism or because you were very good opened at that spot. Their is no Chi is taking over or something... Kind regards, Xian
  11. Ive found a first video of it. Nice Kind Regards, Xian
  12. There no awakening for Kundalini

    The awakening of Kundalini, cant happen in the Dao school, besides they form that kind of meridian, or the circulation which goes with it. So of course their can be no awakening of Kundalini, in the Daoist school of Cultivation. What most Daoists Cultivation ways form are a Small and a Great Heavenly Circle, like for example the He Che Heavenly Circle. Kind Regards, Xian
  13. Shaking during meditation

    Stop the shaking. Energy or the Forming of an Energy Circulation is never "playing " Kind Regards, Xian
  14. http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/content/view/42510/?ref=nf Looks like a cool event. Hope to see videos soon. May you like it also Kind Regards, Xian