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  1. Inner Beauty Song

    Hi just wondering if anyone had chart music for the Inner Beauty tracks in Spring Forest Qi Gong? Not sure if it is readily available or not - really like it and am learning to play Dizi (Key D) so wanted to see if i could learn some of the parts of this track. Thanks phelim
  2. how to cool the body

    Various ways to remove heat/cool down depending on why you are like that in the first place. If you tend towards heat then eating or drinking anything that is bitter tasting will help greatly. Bitter is often used to rid heat in Chinese Herbal Medicine. My favourite is Kuding Cha - brew to be as bitter as you can handle.
  3. Haileo

    Hi trailmaker! Go raibh maith agat.
  4. Haileo

    Secret of the golden flower - book on form of meditation. Enjoy the searching!
  5. Haileo

    Heah! tis Irish - Haileo, Phelim is ainm dom! Hello, my name is Philip! Yeah I'm liking it a lot, just found a thread on the SGF - very interesting.
  6. Haileo

    Haileo, Phelim is ainm dom! Nice site, with some interesting threads.