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  1. Three critical issues in Taoist alchemy

    Sorry, what do mean exactly by "supercharged technique/form"? I'm looking into ways of speeding up the process of cultivating shen. (I.e. more than just up to 4 hours stillness a day)
  2. How to Overcome a Phobia

    I'm with you on this.. i have a phobia of swimming pool jets/filters. Yeah it's pretty odd. Any help!?
  3. Hey everyone! (new here)

    Yeah, your right. The drips do look cool though..
  4. How to get rid of Allergies?

    I'd have a look at "neti pots" too, apparently, many eastern meditation practitioners use them as much as westerners use toothbrushes. They use a saline solution up your nose, 'cleaning' your sinuses.
  5. Hey everyone! (new here)

    Hey, I'm a new member. Interested in aspects of meditation and it's effects on human potential. 18, nearly finished my alevels in maths, physics and d&t. Tomyuri