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  1. Haiku Chain

    eighty years on earth enough time to make black white not enough for gray
  2. F*cking Lost

    Thanks to everyone. No, not thinking of suicide. That smile thing might work. Not to into the Zappas. Cosmiken is short for Cosmic Kenji (see avatar) Exercise and cleaning? CHYEA RIGHT! On a serious note, I'm feeling better now. Thanks again.
  3. F*cking Lost

    Before I begin, I would like to state; bitching over the internet is my last resort. I've been trying to go with the flow. I've been trying not to go with the flow. I've been trying to find peace. But I'm coming up with nothing. I have a copy of Tao Te Ching, and I've been reading it. I do believe that there is a force that carries life, and I know there are people who know how to be happy and successful in it. I may not deserve to utilize it, because I'm thinking only of myself. I am a very sad person right now. I just need help. Anyone who has anything to say is welcome to at this time. Thank you.
  4. I can't NOT think about Tao!

    Thanks mang. Appreciate that. I actually own a pocket copy of Tao Te Ching, and kinda know what you're talking about in regards to the calm thing. Don't think, feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel.
  5. Haiku Chain

    Discharge the spray gun Be careful not to reload That can lead to fire
  6. Haiku Chain

    Watch the weather change, Look forward to the next one, You've seen it before...
  7. New member says hi

  8. I can't NOT think about Tao!

    Hey people. I'm new here. BUT YOU ALREADY KNEW THAT. I know Tao exists, and I would like nothing more than to do my part and go along with it. From what I've read and gathered, being at one with Tao is to just act naturally. Do without doing, think without thinking, but I can't seem to do that. I'm always worried I'm not doing it right, and that's what comes naturally to me. I'm not at peace, but I would like to be, perferably without yoga. Thank you for your time.