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  1. So I've seen, after the fact. I did read that linked article as well, thanks. Does this sentiment hold against other books from Chia as well? Ugh, I'm more sore than I was earlier, as I type this -- sitting at work all day is still uncomfortable! If I wasn't me, I'd be smiling sympathetically.
  2. I did get some general answers, but I felt like my question was getting lost among this apparently controversial topic. Thank you for coming back with your response. It's now a week and I still have discomfort down there, although the sensation is a bit different today; more intense, almost as if feeling were returning, although I never lost feeling. Honestly, I can't imagine that a couple seconds of pressure -- even if overly hard -- could cause such discomfort! Although it obviously did. I re-read Multi-Orgasmic Man to look for "troubleshooting," and the author(s) mention that discomfort is normal at first, but pain is not. Presumably I pressed too hard, or too far forward. On the plus side, everything seems to function, despite any discomfort or pressure. I am also very aware of my clothes pressing on the perineum area as I sit; something that is normally not uncomfortable. I am not comfortable experimenting further with this technique at this time. I know many people have used it successfully, but I am not one of them.
  3. Perhaps I should have started a new thread, because in my case I didn't retain anything (that I know of). I appreciate the general useful information, but I was posting primarily to learn if anyone else experienced perineum area discomfort after the first time they tried the Three Finger Lock. It's four days later and I'm still a bit sore; maybe I pressed too hard and sensitized the area. Oh brave new world!
  4. Thank you for responding. Makes sense. No, really, only once and that was abortive, as I said. I wouldn't have expected any soreness at all! But perhaps it was simply the pressure to an area that doesn't usualyl receive it. As for young, I consider myself young at 37. Thanks again for the suggestions. The book makes this technique sound perfectly safe, but I'm not so sure. Thank you for clarifying, I got that sense around the forum. The book(s) do talk in terms of semen, and perhaps they aren't quite accurate, or at least as people here practice. But I am not likely to pursue this technique further in any case. Sloppy Zhang's gentle approach sounds much better to me.
  5. Hi all, I wish I'd seen this information before trying this technique. I've had Multi-Orgasmic Man sitting around for years, rediscovered it and wanted to give the material a more serious try than in the past. I compared it with Chia's previous book on the same practices as well. I want to describe what I experienced this week, to see if this matches what anyone else has experienced. Warning: a frank post follows! So I tried the Three Finger Press on Monday. The books describe that very firm pressure is needed. As I understand the technique, firm pressure will halt semen elimination by blocking the urethra. In the past, I don't think I applied sufficient pressure. I thought I needed to push deeper into the perineum -- "up to the first joint of the finger" it is written, so I tried to be very firm with pressure. I pressed in before I felt an orgasm was imminent, and ejaculation started. Nothing seemed to be coming out, but I could feel the contractions in the pressed area, and after a moment I stopped pressing my fingers. It didn't seem right to keep pressing. Although it was delayed momentarily, the typical amount of ejaculation seemed to come out as soon as I stopped pressing. I didn't think much of it at the time, but three days later, I feel like my perineum area is a little sore. I also feel like I have to urinate more frequently. To be fair, I also have a touch of irritable bowels (sorry if that's TMI) so that whole area is a bit aggravated and it's a little hard to separate the discomfort in perineum and "bowel area." But I do believe the perineum area itself is a little irritated. For anyone who has tried this in the past, is it common to feel sore in the perineum, even after allowing ejaculation to occur? Or a more frequent need to urinate? I wonder if this is the same as the bicycle seat effect. I wouldn't expect one application of this technique to cause problems, especially as I didn't hold it. I'm inclined to disregard this technique as I don't feel comfortable doing it. I'm hoping the tenderness in the area will go away with no lasting harm done; time will tell. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  6. greetings

    Another new member here, exploring some basic energy work. Got turned on by Mantak Chia's writings; now exploring Eric Yudelove's works, which seem to offer more structure. Taoist energy work is completely new to me. Joined this forum as it seems like a good resource on the subject matter.