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  1. The New World Order

    My opinion of the new world order is that it can do some great things for the human race but fail those who are not accepting of the movement. Right now would be the best time for the global agenda to take hold and those involved with the military industrial complex to begin turning to grassroots media/militia groups to aid them. (I am not saying this is a good thing). I am saying it is the only way for them to achieve their goals. Though, it is hard to say what is on the minds of these billionaires, but one thing is for sure: they have the world on puppet strings. But I ask you this: is the world we live in now much different than that of a new world order? This group already has a majority of political and financial clout, what would more public recognition do to this? It could work out for the majority's better... Now getting this majority to accept or even understand this concept is a shot in the dark. Have you seen the video: The Obama Deception? If so, tell me your thoughts on it. I found it helpful to understand some of what is going on, but questionable in some matters. Also examine this in terms of how the new world order could be actualized: Frightening to some extent we have essentially given up some freedom for this notion of "security" or "the national security objectives" if these even relate to the nation's security anymore... Is the wool sheet over our eyes, or in our hands? You decide.
  2. Greetings

    Awesome, thanks for the help you bums! Haha, I am liking the forum title too much. I will be spending some time reading Lao Tzu I thinks. Godspeed...or Taospeed!
  3. Greetings

    Thanks for the welcomings again. I have been looking through some of the forum sections and a lot of it seems a bit too much for me. Is there a *basic* tao 'genre'? I see alot of different paths people take and some of them seem too involved or requiring of an extensive knowledge of the traditional texts and such. I am looking for a way to incorporate my life as it is now with something that helps me see the intrinsics of life so I can relate it to my developing psyche. Not something that will require years of practice to begin fully understanding. I know I am probably barking up the wrong tree here but I am just wondering if someone could guide me towards the most basic of tao methods. I am a man of reason but with a great sense of wonder. However, it is difficult for me to accept things that I cannot solve or believe via reason and intellectual thought. Hopefully that will narrow my search? Haha, thanks!
  4. Greetings

    Thanks Scotty, I look forward to my ventures on TTB!
  5. Greetings

    Hey all, I am a student currently studying environmental design in my senior year. I am 21 years old and have been through the experimental stages of life and am now onto understanding it more fully. I had my experiences with drugs including some psychoedlic drugs, and one day my mind clicked and said, "you've had enough". And that was it, I had a mission to control my thoughts and not be subjected to dopamine release for happiness. I came accross this site because I took a class on Asian philosophy as it relates to architecture (I am doing an architecture minor too). It talked about the fundamentals of such things as chi, yin/yang, and even core archetypal images such as the divine mother and the sacred mountain as well as the inner path. This notion of the inner path really got me thinking and the concept that one may become enlightened really struck a nerve in me. I told myself that one day I would want to achieve such a thing. However, with the world as materialistic as it is, I find it nearly impossible to achieve such a feat. So i went out and looked up some different philosophies that do not rely on the acceptance of a greater being than yourself (christianity/islam etc...) I came across Buddhism first which was a bit too structured for me. (I dropped my architecture major my first year because I did not want to be 'structured'). I like the fluidity of nature and feel that it is more important to the intrinsic value of our life and our future. Anyways, Buddhism did not seem for me (noble truths etc...). I then looked into Confucianism since it was said to be less about rules but more ethics and understanding of the way things are. But again, I am a free-spirit and do not want the societal obligations as Confucianism urges. Finally, Taoism came into view. A way of simply being. No more, no less. I am a huge fan of intrinsic nature and feel that this is the path for me to take. I do know that I will not be able to fully engage in its philosophies as I have too much to worry about with going to grad school and all, but I figured I would stop by this site and see if any younger individuals find this way of life to be fullfilling! Well, I apologize for my rant...but I felt I needed to fully express my life and my purpose on this site in order for it to work for me and to work for others if I am here. Thanks!! -Brennan