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  1. Newbee here

    Hey Thanks Oleg, for the invite I will get over there asap ! I play edge Lower east side NYC rock !! what ever that is? is it cool to post links ? Thanks again Lynch (Master Lin Chi)
  2. Relationships with older women

    I would think that child bearing years would play a role, thats where I justify my lust for younger woman , lol
  3. Newbee here

    Thanks to all for the welcome, yes NYC is a different place for most but being a musician it suits me, I started some Buddhist studies some 10 yrs ago and just found a new interest in the Tao I have been struggling for over 3 yrs with Kidney problems (on dialysis) a friend has introduced me to Kunlun and I am very excited about it, I just started my level one and will keep you all posted on my progress Regards Kevin
  4. Newbee here

    Glad to be here, My name is Lynch, I'm a musician from Ireland and have lived in NYC for too long but I do love it here, so please say hi back and lets be good to ourselfs and other Sincerely KL