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  1. say halo to comunity

    this could be useful,what do You think http://www.jetcityorange.com/meditation/fixed-pitch.html
  2. say halo to comunity

    spasiba oleg and zdravstvujte nice to be here
  3. say halo to comunity

    i accept that and respect your corection,mean a lot to me
  4. say halo to comunity

    UNDERSTOOD!and thx.this "must"be done!I hawe read fhew books from Osho and I feel now is a moment for me.My turn,wish me luck
  5. say halo to comunity

    I am starting with meditation but after five min.something in me try to run away,problems with my brain,I had a "bad time"during the civil war in my country,lak of concentration.But still I trying to colect myself and find some peace,does anyone have some suggestiones or something like that.I have start with 8 exercises(mantak chia)in 8 directions and find that wery useful to my body.I am grateful for any suggestion and help...
  6. say halo to comunity

    I am an absolute beginner and very confuzed and with some kind of hope in this,well thats my person and good day to everyone!