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  1. Styles and Practices

    Thanks for your interests, both of you. The website you linked is an excellent source, thank you. I haven't been back home in about 3 years, but the ocean is still as beautiful as it was when I watched it leave under the giant 747 that brought me to the US years ago. The sky is so blue. Its an amazing boldness. The air is nice, salty, and fresh. The island itself has lacked in maintenance, but the jungles are still untouched. Camping is fun, just remember the brown tree snake tends to be a nuisance. In 07 we hiked for a whole day through jungles, down a water fall, crossed streams, hugged rocks to avoid falling in. It was amazing. I miss my home. Definitely check it out if you have the time and available money. I took your words and thought of them thoroughly. If not Ch'an Buddhism, I will give my self a firm hold on Buddhist practices and principals, and after grasping the concept move to studying Taoism along side. I read a post from a different community forum that spoke of Ch'an Buddhism as Taoism with the original Indian Buddhism mixed in; that Ch'an on its Chinese foundation alone is simply put Taoism. It was an interesting point the gentleman was making. Thanks again for your interests and assistance, please feel free to provide more websites or books. Currently, I'm reading The Essentials of Tai Chi (I am a martial artist, currently studying Northern Praying Mantis) which has its Tao fundamentals, as well as the book Universal Compassion, which is sort of an intermediate text for Buddhists that a good friend lent to me. Have a great evening, everyone. Gunjin
  2. Styles and Practices

    Good evening everybody. I've been non-religious for about ten years. I was previously Catholic, raised thoroughly as one, and tossed it out the window when I really delved into its history and true meanings. I am from Guam, and was raised with the raw principles all through my life. I never thought I'd run into "religions" like Taoism and Buddhism, which match all of my inquiries on life and styles of self-practice. I find Buddhism to be mostly related to my beliefs and how I want to live, but I rely heavily on the concepts and truths brought up by Taoism and their writings. I was wondering if there's such a thing as a combination of both. I believe Ch'an Buddhism is close? I would love extreme details and insight, and thank you all for any information you have for me. Enjoy your evening, Gunjin
  3. Thank you

    Thanks for having this community available to me online. I am currently searching for a suitable practice that correlates with my current beliefs and morals. Thanks for the all the help in advance! Gunjin