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  1. Xing Shen Zhuang Levels 1-3

    Please, please do me a BIIIIG favour! Do not call the guy 'Dr'. He is not one and he does not even have a degree!
  2. Verdesi

    Dear all, had I come here for the sole purpose of smearing Mr Verdesi I would have written much more as I have acquired a lot of insight about the guy and his activities in Malaysia in the last few days (from very reliable sources very near him) and I could do a lot of damage to his already dented image. I refrain because this is not the right forum to do so. But if you private message me I might disclose some. All I can tell you is that this guy lies like there's no tomorrow about his life and his accomplishments in a way that it's at time utterly ludicrous. I would not trust him as far as can throw him. Anyhow anyone investing money in him or his master is either very gullible and/or has not done his homework The purpose of this thread is over as far as I am concerned as I have obtained all the info (even more that I can handle, actually- thanks for the many private messages) I needed to have. PS. Sorry, Pietro if my police work on you was botched up.
  3. Verdesi

    After reading all your posts, Pietro I cannot help notice you always defend this dude even when his position is indefensible...I think you are him, David Shen Verdesi aka 'Pietro'...
  4. Verdesi

    My Goodnes! The more I read about this guy the freakier and darker the picture becomes.
  5. Verdesi

    Hi! Met this guy in Malaysia. My friends claim he is a famous Taoist Master. Could you shed some light, please? Is he an anthropologist as he claims or a taoist Master - or both? Please note that I have already read the info on the net posted by his disciples/himself. Thanks in advance for any info you may give me. Cheers.
  6. Davide Verdesi

    ............................................................................. No idea as to why he was actually kicked out. That's what he and his 'entourage' say. Maybe the Chinese don't like people in his line of work or maybe he's done something 'dodgy'...I don't really know much about the guy. One of my colleagues invited him to my school to give a talk on Taoism and it ended up in a David Copperfield-like show with some really pathetic tricks by his Chinese Master and his very very seedy-looking followers. Still cringing...
  7. Davide Verdesi

    met this guy in Malaysia where he resides after being kicked out from China. I have seen him do and heard him say things that make him sound more like an impostor than the real deal. I know the info on his websites. Do you know more?