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  1. Daoism in Europe

    Glad to hear that there are so many people associated with Daoism in Europe, but I am afraid that a large portion of these people are martial artists and members of medical qigong communities. It's good, but I am concerned about people practicing 'mystic Daoism', more religious, spiritual.
  2. Daoism in Europe

    It seems that Daoism is much less popular in Europe than in the U.S. (If I am wrong, please correct me. My knowledge in this field is based mainly on the Internet ). What Daoist associations, sects, temples operating in Europe do you know? I mention the British Taoist Association in London, which is related to the Dragon Gate sect. Can anyone heard of the existence in Europe sympathizers or daoshi Zheng Yi Pai, and especially Highest Purity Daoism (Shang Qing sect) from Mao Shan? Probably traditions associated with Buddhism are more popular. Regards, HQ
  3. Quiet heart

    The standing 8 brocade is very good but now I'm going to practice a sitting version, more internal. I'm studying theory of these exercises on the basis of book 'Eight Brocade Seated Ch'i-Kung' by Stuart Alve Olson. This book is really recommendable (contains unique texts written by Lǐ Qīngyún).
  4. Quiet heart

    Hello, I live in Poland. I’m interested in Daoism a few years. In Poland there is no Daoist associations or communities, so it is not easy. Taoism I know mainly from books, which have already accumulated an impressive number. Recently I was fortunate to know a woman - daoshi from Dragon Gate. Her advices are very helpful for me. Unfortunately she doesn’t live in Poland, but in UK. Nonetheless, I think it opens a new stage in my adventure of Taoism Today I intend to start a regular practice - eight pieces of brocade. Besides, I believe that the most important part of practice is our daily lives (mindfulness, appropriate behaviour, etc.). By the way, I wanted to start a topic in Taoist Discussion. How to do it or where new members can do this? Regards, QH