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  1. Sounds like a truly good idea. Thanks !
  2. Fire Dragon, thanks a lot !!
  3. Hello, Just two months stand between me and the most important exams of my life!! How can I maximize (or at least increase) my learning capacity ?? I am determined to direct all kinds of resources/energies I posses towards this goal in order to achieve high grades at my exams. But how exactly should I do that? Please help me with any kind of tip you know (not necessarily Taoist); I'd be very grateful!! Thanks!
  4. Hello

    Hello, I am from Central Europe, Romanian. I am Christian (only formally). I am so glad I found this website; lots of useful things here! All the solutions/techniques I found on this website and tried out worked! Another confirmation that the Chinese know the most... I would be quite excited to learn more about Taoism and Eastern Asia. Best Wishes, 47