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  1. Burning Palm System

    BurningPalmNYC, Hey bro, great to see you on here. It seems good things are happening in NYC this summer / Chris
  2. Burning Palm System

    Hey Sifu, Love that Tom Cruise clip...his best role ever and a bloody good movie too, hahaha! "I am talking scorched earth..." when you putting the guys through a 10000 funtime session...? Hey rodgerj and sephius, Glad to hear that you are enjoying the training! Keep up the good work! / Sifu Chris
  3. Monk Viewing the Moon!

  4. Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong - White Tiger Healing Energy

    Hi Rob, I am about an hour drive north of Ystad so not too far away Chris
  5. Bak Fu Sunn Yee Gong - White Tiger Healing Energy

    Hey Sifu, Thanks for the intro...all I can say is "puh!". And yah, you defo need to get back over here, how about late spring 2011, hopefully all this white crap covering the ground will be gone by then... adept, Sorry mate, not in the UK although I visit there from time to time. I feel your pain about the weather, I'm not a winter person myself. Chris
  6. Traditional Kung Fu and Qi Gong Masters in Europe

    Hi Hugo, No worries, like I explained in my PM to you, I only accept a small number of private students due to family obligations, running my own company etc. Let me know later on when you do want to start training and we'll see how things look timewise. You've got some good suggestions on here and on EmptyFlower about other instructors as well! Two other teachers well worth checking out, if you are going to the UK, are Sifu Wayne Husbands of Lau family Hung Gar and Gerry O'Connor (Chen Taiji, Hsing-I and Baji). Both are excellent practitioners and teachers. Kind regards Chris
  7. Traditional Kung Fu and Qi Gong Masters in Europe

    Hi Magia, Classes are up and running since earlier this year when we started up WBBM, we run public classes and also intensive private training on weekends for those living further away. When did you contact me, I don't seem to recognize your nickname or remember getting an email from you? Or is that you Hugo but with a new profile? Kind regards Sifu Christer Wretfors, WBBM
  8. Warrior Body Buddh Mind

    Warrior Body Buddha Mind There you go mate! CH
  9. Hi

    Just a quick post to say hello! "Hello!" CH