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  1. Refreshing breeze

    I've occasionally browsed this forum over the past few months and have heard of this happening. Keep the search up, people have described this sensation and i'm pretty sure it was discussed on here.
  2. Beginning Taoist Practices

    Hi Eric (or anyone else with info), have you heard of anyone else getting the sensation on the bridge of my nose, inbetween my eyes, that I described above?
  3. When I learnt Aikido I came across many stories made about the founder, Morihei Ueshiba. Theres stories on the net about how he could be in the centre of a room with 20 or more students, get them to all charge at him and he'd appear at the other end of the room unharmed, with noone seeing him move. Heres a link to a story of him 'dodging bullets' http://www.aikidofaq.com/history/story.html We once had a seminar where an instructor from Japan came over and said that he started training because he live in the next village from O Sensei and he always heard stories of how people could get him to jump onto their roofs. etc
  4. Beginning Taoist Practices

    wow, its like this thread was made for me! I came across it last night and signed up to post. I've always been interested in the eastern philosophies and arts etc, I read a bit about chi, the chakras etc as a teenager, I did Aikido for a few years when I was in high school but havent done it for a while now. This year is the final year of study and I knew it would soon get a bit stressful, so I decided to start daily meditation. I am amazed at the results, I tried meditation once or twice as a teenager, but it just felt like I was sitting there closing my eyes, but now it feels really good, more than relaxaton even, 'feeling good' is the best way I can put it. Ive browsed this forum a few times before, so I picked up a copy of Taoist Yoga after seeing numerous reccomendations to it by Drew Hempel and others. Within the first few pages it mentions the nose technique so I would sit in lotus position, luckily I was flexible enough to be able to still do it, and use mostly the nose technique for 10-15 minutes every day, my eyes sometimes get strained so I shut them for a while, then start staring at the nose again. As its how I started I can't say whether its the nose technique, the lotus position or just being older that has enhanced meditation so much but its miles ahead of anything I've done before. Such effects could be drawn up to meditation in general, however I have one specific effect which I'm sure is from the nose technique alone. I'll post more on this later in a different thread but for the last two years I have been experiencing a tingling sensation on my forehead and a few months later, the top of my head aswell. Well now, a few days into practising the nose technique, I began to feel a 'fluttering' inbetween my eyes, on the bridge of my nose. Its not as much of a tingling as the 'fluttering' people describe at their root chakra which Ive also felt or an eyebrow twitch, but less painful. Its been doing that for a few days now and theres no way of predicting when its going to happen. Ive noticed no patterns to it, it just comes and goes as it pleases. I'm putting it down to being caused by the nose technique and am just wondering what it means. Its not painful or annoying, so I'm not complaining about it, is just a new and interesting sensation.
  5. Hi

    Hi, another new member here. Started meditation this week and am really amazed by how good it feels. Most of my life I've been into the 'alternative' side of things, so I have always been exposed to and interested in chi, the chakras etc. When I was at high school I learnt Aikido for a few years but havent done it in a while. Knowing a stressful final year of study is ahead of me, last week I started daily meditiation and was impressed with the results. I tried once of twice when I was a teenager, but it just felt like I was sitting there shutting my eyes, now I come out of it feeling so much better. Ive browsed on here before and last night came across the thread on begineers meditating on the end of your nose, which is a coincidence as Ive got an experience to share.